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Updated on November 21, 2006
B.C. asks from Monett, MO
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My four year old son has been diagnosed with Mono. I understand there are many myths that surround the illness, but was wondering if any moms have personal experiences with their children who have had the virus? My son has been extremely cranky and lethargic lately. He has been put on antibiotics to fight any infection in his lymph nodes. His lymph nodes below his ears are swollen quite largely. The doc seems to think this will go away within a week or so. I want to know how long mono lasts and if other complications have occured with other children. Being four, he doesn't rest too much but he is definitely lacking energy.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all that responded to my request about mono.
The root of the problem seems to be an ear-noses-and throat issue. He is having his tonsils and anenoids removed on Thursday (the 18th) and also having new tubes put in his ears. I should have pushed for a referral to a specialist earlier. He has gotton over Mono, however, the swollen glands in his neck are still there. The ENT says the large knot in one gland appears to be reactive, so more than likely will go away after his tonsils are out. I pray she is right. Thanks again, B.

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mono is a very serious virus most people endure is ( a major ) simple and the body can wear it off in a few short days however with this days my child there is a much more severe case my child age 15 spent several days from school and we went in for an ultrasound she was havin pain where the spleen was located and it felp like a finger she recovered our doctor said it was uncommon for her to come down so severly a secong time but she is a carrier since mono stays in the body the rest of their lives just be careful the first sign was lethagric as well as cranky and irratibility she was stiff all over and soon came through it hut the looming cause will be there the rest of her life!!! good luck to you all



answers from St. Louis on

My daughter had mono when she was 14. She missed at least two weeks of school. She had to go to the ER twice due to dehydration. Her throat was virtually swollen shut and I couldn't even get her to drink water or eat ice cream or anything. She lost so much weight that I could see her entire spine. It was a horrible experience for both of us. She didn't do anything but sleep for the two weeks.

That all said, once she began recovering it was a fast recovery and she hasn't had any long term effects. She did have a swollen spleen and had to refrain from sports, etc for a while but no real issues there.

Good luck, I really feel for you and your son with him being so young.



answers from Peoria on

Yep, he has the symptoms. It's also highly contageous for even you. Let him use his own glasses and dishes for the time being and wash them with a little bleach in the water. Unfortunately, it has to run it's course. If he's in daycare, or has drinken out of those water fountains, that's where he got it. Don't drink behind him or let him drink behind anyone.Watch the kisses too, Ma, no mouth kisses for a while. Get some antibactorial soap to wash hands in or that disinfectant they use in the hospital. I live in it, just had a kidney transplant, so everyone I come in contact with has to use it to come in and I bathe in the soap to was the cooties off.(smile) I'm so sorry the little one is going through this. Just love him up Mom




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One thing most people don't tell you about mono is it is allegric to peneclin(sp). When I had it at 17/18 they prescribed peneclin for me and I broke out into a rash from head to toe. The day after I got my rash the doctor called to tell me to stop taking the peneclin because I had Mono. I didn't hav it very bad I only had like one day where I even felt tired the only reason I knew some was wrong my Lymoh Nods were swolen on my neck. I was in class and toched my neck I was self-conusion all day. I went home and asked my mom about them. She made an appointment for the next day.



answers from Lawrence on

My daughter doesn't have mono, but I had it when I was in high school....had to miss Senior homecoming:( I got over the swollen lymph nodes and sore throat pretty quickly, I was only out of school for two weeks, but I remained extremely tired for about 3-4 months. I wasn't weak, just tired. I would come home every day and go to bed, wake up to eat and do a little homework and went back to bed til morning. It takes a while to run its course and it is different for everyone. Just baby the little one and make sure he gets his rest but still stays hydrated.



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I am a first time mom and don't have any experience with my daughter who is 3.5 months old having mono but I had mono when I was in high school around 13 years ago.

I was really tired and sleep a lot. My lymph nodes in my neck were soo swollen that my faced looked like it ran into my shoulders. Really the only thing you can do for your son is try to get him to rest as much as possible as mono seems to run out in its own time. I was out of school for 3-4 weeks and then only went back to school for 1/2 days for another 2-3 weeks. Just so you know if the Dr didn't let you know, mono does effect the spleen, and increased activity may cause the spleen to enlarge. So this is another reason to keep your son as still and quite as possible.

As for your other children try not to let them drink out of the same cup as your son or eat off the same untensils or plate as mono is pretty contagious.

Good luck and take care.



answers from Rockford on

Hi B.,
My kids never had it but a friend's daughter did. Does he have a sore throat? Her daughter had it for 3 weeks. She slept so much her mom got really worried, but the doctor said just make sure you keep her hydrated and let her rest. She had a really bad sore throat at first and she had no energy and it made her quitw weak. Here is a website I found about it when I searched for mono in kids....
I haven't read the article, but maybe it will help to answer your questions.
I hope he feels better soon. Take care.

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