Any Indoor Play Gyms?

Updated on March 03, 2008
T.J. asks from Clearwater, FL
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The parks in this area (clearwater) are so small and so crowded with no shade, it gets so hot, and there are not enough things for my son to climb on LOL. Does anyone know where there are any indoor playgrounds or jungle gyms?

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WELL! Thank you all so much for the advice! I will keep all those in mind!

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answers from Tampa on

I just moved to Tarpon from Clearwater. I am very familiar with Clearwater. Lots of activities for children there. Indoor playgyms- Playtime Express(near Countryside Mall), The Little Gym(US 19 in palm Harbor), Gymboree(same strip as TJ MAXX in Countryside, There used to be one I believe in that strip at sunset point & 19??Maybe 590(northeast Coachman & 19(forgot the name) in a strip plaza on the East side of the road but not sure it is still there. I think Future Flips does playgroups as well. I used to go to the community pools alot. Morningside, Ross Norton, Martin Luther King, & Clearwater Beach Aquatic Center have amazing pools with slides and areas for toddlers and for Clearwater residents they are very inexpensive $2 or $3. Largo has Highland Aquatic Center this one is like a mini Adventure Island but is $7 for anyone over 2 if you are not a Largo Resident. They do have family days on Sundays-$10 for whole family. If you are looking for playgroup activities Music with Mar is alot of fun- for class schedules. Also the libraries offer alot of activities through the year. Hope this helps! Have fun!



answers from Tampa on

My friend has a place in Largo called Planet's awesome for 4 year olds and MOMS...they play the enitre time you have time to relax for a moment...even get some much needed chat time in!! And the best part...your child will have so much fun and conk out on the way home...don't forget to bring YOUR socks's a's in Largo
12640 62nd Street, Suite 100, Largo, FL 33773 :: ###-###-####
check out their

Have fun



answers from Nashville on

I have never been to an indoor playground, so I can't help you there. But have you tried Largo Central Park? They are located at the corner of Seminole Blvd. and East Bay Dr. It is a very large park with a large fenced & gated playground for kids that includes 3 different size jungle gyms for kids of all ages. And it is well shaded. Along with the playground, they have a huge open field (my 2 year old daughter loves to just run through this), multiple shelters and a train that you can ride for free the first weekend of every month. The park does get a lot of people on the weekends, but I've never felt it was too crowded. And the few times I have been there on the weekday evenings it has been very quiet with very few people. It could be worth a try and a great way to meet other mothers.



answers from Tampa on

There is quite a bit to over in indoor play grounds. Try the malls. I don't know if there is one in Countryside Mall, but there is one in Tyrone in St. Pete and a really nice on at International Mall in Tampa.

Indoor playgrounds....

There is a GYMBOREE in Countryside area. You can find the location on thier website.

My Little Play Town in Largo - for $45 you get unlimite open play time for the entire summer, plus you can attend any of thier classes excluding the Yoga/Palities class. It's a bargin! I go all the time with both my kids, you can relax while they play and visit with other moms. It's a really great place to take a break and for $45 for the entire summer it's easy on the wallet. You can pack a lunch and bring it with you. Very laid back, clean and cute. No climbing gym stuff though, if that's all your looking for then this is not the place for you. Come and check it out, many moms from Palm Harbor are coming as they said the Play Patch isn't very clean. We also go to BeBe Cafe but My Little Play town is the place I frequent most as it's the olny place I can really relax.

BeBe Cafe or Cafe BeBe in Bellair/Largo area

A Play Patch in Oldsmar?

Free Outdoor spray park in Oldsmar

Good luck on your search!



answers from Tampa on

While it's a little bit of a drive for you, Ultimate Party and Play Zone on 62nd Ave. N. in St. Pete is a ton of fun.



answers from Tampa on

Have you ever been to a play patch on hillsbrough in the oldsmar area it is in the same shopping plaza as Round Up.

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