Any Ideas/ Playgroups/ Activities Around Worcester for a Stay-at- Home Dad?

Updated on January 18, 2009
D.C. asks from Worcester, MA
5 answers

We just had a baby boy in early January and we have another son who is 21 months. My husband is going to be a stay-at-home-Dad and I would love to give him some suggestions for things to do- at least with the 21 month old. Are there Dad play groups, gyms, activities that Dads would like and you'd recommend? My husband is fantastic with the kids- but I know staying home all the time is tough for anyone- so any ideas for that age are welcome. Thanks!

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I would look on for groups. Also what about a Music Together class? In my class there are moms, one dad, a few nannies and grandparents...



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Try the Greendale branch YMCA. They have great kids activities during the day and a big indoor play area where kids can just run off steam. You see both moms & dads there.

GL to you and your hubby.



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All boys love Home Depot! every 1st Saturday of every month they have a totally free workshop for kids, from 9 to 12. They offer great easy wood projects. I take my middle child to every one and she really enjoys it. She is 4 but I started taking her when she was 2. I think Lowes does the same thing on every 3rd Saturday.



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Hi D.,
Please have him check out There are playgroups in Worcester and I am also an organizer for a group in Marlborough but we'll plan activities where ever so long as they are within reason and sound fun. :) Good luck, there are groups out there, he may be intimidated at first because I am pretty sure the majority of members are women, but I know in my group we've had men in the past and everyone is very welcoming. :)


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I think it's just great that your kids will learn that dads can provide excellent care and be great nurturers! My husband worked at home when my son was born so we were able to do a lot of sharing of child care. My son now does his own laundry and understands that men can cook, vacuum, and grocery shop. It's a great thing!

You could try the YMCAs. Their fees are usually fairly low. The Ecotarium has a yearlong family membership that lets you go whenever you want - if the child gets tired and you leave after an hour, you don't feel like you've wasted all that money for admission. There is a special toddler play area and lots of indoor fish, turtles. When the weather improves, there is the outdoor animal area. You can also use their membership to go to other places farther away, like the Children's Museums in Boston and Providence. He could check the public library too - they often have passes to different museums as well as free story & craft hours.

The Worcester JCC may have something in their large early childhood center, and Temple Emanuel definitely has a weekly play group - you don't have to be Jewish to participate. Temple Emanuel's group is for moms, dads, grandparents and caregivers, so it's very comfortable for dads, very warm & welcoming. I think there are 2 groups to accommodate the 1 year olds and the 2 year olds, but you can check. The Director's name is Phyllis and she is wonderful.

Good luck!

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