Any Ideas on How to Remove Dermabond

Updated on December 20, 2009
C.A. asks from Oswego, NY
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Hi moms. My 2.5 year old fell and hit his head pretty bad about a week ago. We took him to the ER and they applied Dermabond above his eye and in his eyebrow. They said to keep it dry for about 5 days,which we did. It seems healed and safe to remove now and I was wondering if anyone knew how. Ive given him 2 baths since the 5 days were up and it doesn't seem to be loosening at all. Its really hard and crusty,which is normal ,i think. I just wish there was a way to wipe it out. Maybe it just takes several baths? I used a soft washcloth both times he bathed to try and gently rub it away but its not helping. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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Acetone nail polish remover....if you haven't gotten it off already. Just be careful not to let it drip into his eye. Dermabond is the same thing as super glue, and that's what removes super glue.



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call the pedicatrician, the er or look it up on google



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I used the alcohol wipes to remove the Dermabond following my c-section. If you call your OBGYN they may have some you can pick-up or ask them what the name is and purchase them. They worked really really well with minimal abrasion!



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let him sit in the bath.. for a while.. make it really wet.. it is suppose to fall off by itself.. and the water will help... you can also wipe in down a little with baby oil.. each night after the bath.. good luck

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