Any Ideas for a Co-ed Baby Shower

Updated on April 27, 2008
D.W. asks from Turlock, CA
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I am trying to think of some game ideas for my sisters baby shower. Maybe something competitive like men against women games. Oh and what kind of prizes should I give out? I want something fun enough to keep the guys interested!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all! I think that based on all of your advice it depends on the crowd for what games to play. I have decided to maybe have a few games and turn the event into good eating, a bar-b-que. Any other suggestions are also appreciated. I have 2 months to plan this baby shower.

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answers from Fresno on

Someone threw a Jack & Jill shower for us. The men left and went outside to drink beer when the games started! lol They just flat out refused to play!

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answers from San Francisco on

We played some memory and name games at our co-ed shower.

In one game a tray was passed around with baby items on it, and then when the tray was gone everyone had to write a list. That was so funny, because many of the men had no idea what some of the items were, and came up with very interesting descriptions.

In another game we were given a baby word, and then asked to come up with song names whose titles started with each of the first letters in the words. The more unique your title was, the more points you received.

The game NOT to play, according to my husband, is the one that we encountered at a friend's shower. The wives had to blind fold their husbands and feed them baby food. The husbands had to figure out what the baby food was. My husband HATED that game. Just so you know, if anyone suggests it. He didn't find it funny at all, and he still can't look at baby food without wanting to gag.

I don't remember prizes at either of these showers.

Overall, in my experience, men prefer not to play games or receive prizes. They mostly enjoy hanging out and sharing stories. And they can have fun watching US make fools of ourselves, lol. Just don't ask THEM to.

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answers from San Francisco on

I had a co-ed baby shower and did not do games. We just had good food and good company. A lot of people thanked me for not having games, including the female guests!

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answers from Sacramento on

men don't like to do games.. i had one for a friend of mine and the men hated the games. they just want to drink beer and wish they were at home watching sports. LOL

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answers from San Francisco on

When I threw a co-ed shower for my girlfriend the only two games we played was battle of the sexes and fact or crap. Neither of these games are appropriate if children old enough to understand will be attending, if you are going to have kids present go through the questions first and take out the "bad ones". Everyone had a great time.Good luck.

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answers from Yuba City on

I threw a co-ed baby shower for a great friend. There were a no games due to the fact that it was a house full of military people (GO ARMY). It just happened to be during football season so on the invitations I wrote there will be football, food and beer. Needless to say all the husbands showed up. We had awesome food, beer, cocktails and bbq. Was the best party ever. Even the guys watched the gift opening. You could get everyone into playing win lose or draw, trivial pursuit, or pictionary. It's fun. Good luck and enjoy.

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answers from Sacramento on

I had a coed baby shower. We played dress the baby. We were blindfolded and a doll, diaper, and clothes were put in front of us and we were timed on how long it took us. needless to say my hubby had things on a little mixed up.

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answers from Sacramento on

How fun! I would do all some of the traditional games like: "whats on the tray", word games, even have a timed game with baby dolls and have the men put diapers on them, with powder and dress them. That would be funny.

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