Any Ideas About What to Use to Get Out Highlighter Pen Stain on a New Shirt?

Updated on January 17, 2009
A.O. asks from Farmingdale, NY
8 answers

Is this the real deal or is there something that is more opt to work than not?

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answers from Syracuse on

Rubbing alcohol works wonders on any ink stains. Failing that, or if you don't happen to have any on hand, hairspray works, too.

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answers from New York on

My daughter took a pink highlighter to her fabric Pottery Barn Anywhere chair. I used Dual Action Spray & Wash and it came right out. And I didn't launder it immediately. I was so disgusted and figured that it wouldn't come out that it sat for several months covered up w/ stuffed animals. I finally washed it and was thrilled that it came out. A few years ago we went to a Christmas party and she got stains all over a custom made dress. I threw it in the dirty laundry and that sat for 10 months. I just ignored it knowing she couldn't wear it the following year. I finally washed it w/ the Dual Action Spray & Wash and it too came right out. The stuff is amazing, even on things that sit for a long while. Good luck!

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I typically use Simple Green on my tough stains. You can usually find it with all of the other stain removers in the laundry aisle. Simple Green has gotten out red wine from one of my shirts and a horrible ink stain from a pair of my husband's dress slacks. For the really tough stains, I don't dilute it. I just spray and throw it into the wash.

I've also used OxiClean on many of my son's clothes (he spat-up all the time as an infant) to get out the yucky stains, and after a day or two of soaking, everything came out nice and clean.

Good luck!

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Hi A.,
The company I am with has a great product, Sol-U-Mel, that takes out any stain. However, the product is not available in retail stores, only directly from the manufacturer. If you like more info and how you can switch store to safe you money on top for all your consumeables neccessities, and get rid of your toxic products in your home, feel free to contact me.
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answers from New York on

Hi, A.: I do know that hair spray sometimes works on ballpoint inks (unless, of course, it is permanent ink), as well as lipstick.

As for your little girl getting into everything:NO is the only word that works. No bargaining. No explanations. No excuses. Be consistent. Firm, yet sincere. No. Period. Never sway, kids are smart; if they see you waver, they move in to know. if you are good I will buy you....if you don't do that I wil....... NO.



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I got most of a Sharpie permenant marker stain out of a pair of pants with rubbing alcohol! Might work on a highlighter, too.



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Good luck! Cold water and rubbing with a rag or soft cloth is all I can suggest. Let me know how it comes out!




answers from Columbus on

Alcohol usually works best for me

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