Any Hairdressers with Good Coloring Knowledge? or Similar Situation Pls Advise!

Updated on March 20, 2011
J.E. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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I have naturally medium to light ash blonde hair. Ive been coloring it a more "yellowy" blonde since I was 12. Im at the point where Im ok with the natural color of my hair & want it back, but its quite long, very thick & straight & shows my failed attempts with color matching it to grow out. i dont like sitting in the hair salon, so Im doing this all myself. Ive tried, last two colors, to buy 1st med, then dark ash blonde, but my hair takes on a coppery golden no matter what. (I have a profile pic on here with the current color, looking coppery, tho it said dark ash blonde & the swatches look right) Now I have my roots coming in, and they look very light, pale ash, no hint of reds at all... and Im wondering what to do? Ive tried highlights to blend it out, butg in the end they look brassy. I dont want to & couldnt cut it out, nor can I stand to see roots like this (dont want to go to the salon). Ive been using this "ions" or similar named brand from sally beauty supply. any suggestions on what to buy & what can I do?

*It will dye back to a blonder/ lighter color without stripping it, Ive done this back and forth several times. (too scared to strip all my hair) what Im trying to figure out is how to find the right bottle of color to get it ashy not brassy. even from the color in the pic, 2 weeks ago, it is lighter, but holds the golden/coppery color, quite a contrast to ash.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would also recommend a professional. I know two good color/stylist; one in Studio City and one in Thousand Oaks. Let me know if you want their contact info.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My husband is an ash blonde, going gray. He wanted to color his hair back to dark ash blond and EVERY kit we bought made his hair reddish... not a good look. My hair dresser confided that she colored her husbands hair and used a professional DEPOSIT ONLY color, it's a more natural look, and it's not permanent so it will just fade out gradually, but definitely it doesn't go red. Try "clairol second nature no lift corrective color" and a 20 volume developer (available at most beauty supplies) Otherwise, I vote with the other gals, see a pro, get a trim and a color and tips for maintaining the color on your own!

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answers from Stockton on

The color in your profile picture is not a yellowy blonde, it is an auburn color?? (And it is very pretty I might add) You are not going to be able to go back to a light blonde color from that on your own. You will need a proffessional to do it for you. It is going to have to be stripped and then assessed to see what color should be put on it and will take several applications.

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answers from Cleveland on

It sounds like you have different brands, different colors, and different techniques throughout your hair. One box of color will take on different shades in different parts of your hair based on previous dyes. I would first try to use something like Oops, to take out what you can, then semi-permanent shades to try to let some of the color even out without permanently changing the hair again. You are getting brassy won't get the color on the package. I hate to tell you, you won't be able to dye over that...the copper is the structure of your hair, and will be under whatever dye you use until it grows out. You need to go extra cool tones to counteract that, and it is very hard to do. Either spring for a good corrective colorist or if you are feeling bold and experimental, get a level 2 semipermanent like Natural Instincts in a light ash brown...some of the color will deposit even though its only temporary, but you will start out darker than you'd like. This type of color also has less harsh chemicals, like ammonia or peroxide, so you won't get as much brass.

Option 2...try a short cut, and grow it out. Shorter cuts are fun, you'll hack off the dye and start fresh, and it really takes years off.

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answers from New York on

I know what you mean, the other day I got a beautiful hair color, it was like medium brown, I put it on and the result was so far from the picture!
I guess our hair just take hair color different. Have you try the OOps hair fix kit?
It supposed to help fix those OOps from home hair color, here is the link

and I have see them at CVS, maybe that would help bring some of the red out and next root coloring get a different hair color, I think but not sure you need to get a Cold color.
PS: I am not hair colorist, I just have experimented a lot on my hair, lol.

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answers from Columbus on

If you don't want to use a hair stripper, try a clarifying shampoo like Prell, I usually use that a few days before I color so it doesn't build up and look flat. I am naturally dark blond, and I like the Garnier hair colors. I like the results better than when I used to have it done professionally. You may also want to wait a few days before drying any more dye, so you don't fry your hair!

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answers from Cleveland on

My sister is a hair stylist and I've worked in salons off and on my whole life.

Like Luv said..
You will have to strip the current color out before you can go back to something lighter.
Now if you're really brave, you could get an at home bleaching kit for your hair, then apply the color you really want. It is dangerous to do though if you've never done it. Only because there is an exact science to getting it to go right without frying your hair off.

I know you don't want to go to a stylist, but the easiest thing would be to just go to one and have the color stripped. Maybe after that you can pick out a color you like and dye it yourself at home.

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answers from Tampa on

Don't use Ions!! It's a crappy color line. Try Wella, L'Oreal or Clairol.

Go for Neutral - Drab based ash tones, but do it with someone's help - since you don't want to do the whole head, but lots of large highlights all over.

Ash is a hard color to work with, and I do recommend you go to a salon that can help you get the basic color corrected. Without professional help of some kind - Sally's employees can only help and advise so far before they are stepping over the line from store knowledge to hair dresser knowledge - you will continue to have botched or brassy turn outs.

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answers from Orlando on

Try a toner to get rid of the brassy. I think Sally's should have it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

For best results you REALLY NEED to see a professional!!! Extra blue can be used in your ash color to cut the red/orange. A blue stain can be put into your shampoo or find a Blue Shampoo by a good company like Redken or Paul Mitchell etc. Let it (the blue shampoo) sit on your hair during the last shampoo for a good 10-20 min. so the blue can sink in and cut the brassiness. As your color starts to look good cut back on the time for the blue shampoo. Maybe you'll only need to leave it on for 5 min. after a few weeks or will know. Use a very lite conditioner after this like a "leave-in" or spray"leave-in" conditioner. Any heavy moisturizers at this time will absorb the color you just put in. Allow your hair to continue to grow out, cut a little more off to speed up the process. But like I said in the begining...You REALLY NEED a professional even if it's one time!!!!

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answers from San Diego on

Hi J.,

Here's basic color 101 - you cannot lighten color with color. I know you think you're just going from one blonde to another, but you're not. You're attempting to "lighten" it with color - this is why it is turning brassy not the ashy you're looking for.

You have a few choices, let the color grow out and then color it with the ash color (seems redundant though since you say that's your normal color), or strip it (professionally!) and the re-impart your natural ash color. Ultimately, I think a colorist would suggest doing highlights (with bleach not color) interspersed with 7A or 8A (dark to medium Ash Blond) so you're not stripping your entire head, but are gradually getting to the effect that you want. You really should talk to a professional for a change like this.

People don't like to believe this basic tenet of color, I've even known hairstylists who have tried to believe otherwise by using 40 volume lift "to pop open the cuticle" only to be sorely disappointed (along with their client).

I am not a hairstylist, but I was a manager of a hair salon for 3 years and was required to attend every color class. I have an interior design degree with a specialty in color theory so I was always very interested in hair color. I talk to my current colorist all the time about this type of stuff (it just interests me) and this is the number 1 rule that so many people don't adhere to and then make it worse by continuing to try to do it themselves with boxed color.

If you really can't stand going into a salon, you're still going to have to strip (bleach) it out yourself and then add the ash color back in (but highlights and color would be a less drastic measure). Based on your description, you sound like you might be a natural 7A or 8A. I'll take a look at your profile pic.


p.s. Just took a look at your profile pic and if you say your natural color is ashy, I'll believe you, but you definitely can't tell that from this pic. It does however, look darker than I first anticipated, probably closer to a 6A. In any event, the picture of your hair in this pic is beautiful and so is the color for your skin tone, are you sure you want to change it? I think ashy might wash you out more than you're used to and this color is very warm and makes your skin just glow. Considering what you would have to do to get it to the ashy color, you may want to stick with this very pretty color;)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Lisa Roberts at Sidbangs Salon in Naples (Long Beach) is AWESOME. She'll fix your color and won't try to make you cut your hair. You'll love her!



answers from Los Angeles on

Go to a professional.



answers from Los Angeles on

I am a professional colorist and work in TV and Film. You need to get professional help with this. You wouldn't try to do surgery on yourself, would you? Or diagnose an illness? Or fill a cavity? Or change a broken pipe under your house? Or a hole in your roof? Or write up a legal document? That is why there are professionals available to you! Learn to SURRENDER! It's tough, I know - but try! You will be surprised at what you will learn......and you can relieve yourself of the stress of it all!
Good luck.
Katharine Kremp

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