Any Fun Party Ideas for a Women's Get Together?

Updated on January 10, 2012
O.L. asks from Long Beach, CA
7 answers

Just wondering if anyone has some ideas about fun things to do for a women's get together? Something like a cookie exchange or an appetizer party? Children will be included in this get together so it has to be kid-friendly.


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answers from Minneapolis on

Play Bunco, Yatzee, Farkle, Pass the Pigs, or LCR (get all at Target in the cards/game department).

A White Elephant, post-Christmas gift exchange is fun. People wrap and exchange the weirdest Christmas gift or something from around the house and dump it on someone else for a hoot! You'll be amazed at the weird stuff people got for Christmas!

Once I hosted a girl-friend party and my husband surprised my friends and I with a massage therapist who had one of those Swedish massage chairs (like the one's you see at the mall) and everyone got half an hour in the chair while the rest of us played games, ate snacks and talked. It was fabulous! Sorry, I don't know how much it costs, but I do know he found the person through a local college/school for massage therapy.

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answers from Dayton on

I have a friend who throws a Christmas party in March every year. She calls it the Recycle Party. You have to bring the tackiest gift you can find to exchange in a drawing of sort. Even better if you received it as a gift. There are a couple of really bad gifts that resurface every one to two years. There are always a couple of newbies who bring nice stuff (only to be verbally berated by the host, who is a total personality!). It's an absolute scream with the right bunch of ladies. One time, I tried to leave the horribly tacky blue FUR christmas ornament I received at the party. I lived an hour away. I thought I was safe until it showed up on my porch via UPS 3 days later with a note that said "HA, nice try!".

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answers from Houston on

I ALWAYS like a good swap party. Books, clothes, kids stuff, cds, dvds, cookies, tacky gifts, etc.



answers from Los Angeles on

I don't think I'd go for the cookie exchange so quickly after Christmas.
I'm a little tired of sweets at this point.
But the word appetizer in your post & I was in. Salivating.
I say go for the appetizer night.
Fun & yummy.

You can even have a few extra things for the kids:
hot dogs
lil smokies
cut up carrots, celery, grape tomatoes w/Ranch
Crackers & cheese
Bowl of chips

Fun thing to do?
Since you have little kiddos, probably don't want to do a mini wine sampling.
How about charades?
You could paint inexpensive wine glasses (2 per gal so she'll have a set)
Decorate wine labels (to be put over pre-bought wine they have @ home
Design Book covers or labels
Make fun, easy jewelry (even silver bracelet w/inexpensive silver charms)
Card game
Watch a chick flick (depending upon how much time you have). Get 1 for
the kids to watch
Decorate pre-bought aprons
Buy inexpensive flowers & have everyone put together a small bouquet to take home
Sounds fun! Enjoy!


answers from Detroit on

I hired a belly dancer for two hours once and it was soooooo fun!!!Swap clothes.. maybe everyone brings an appetizer and dresses they once loved to swap with something "new" to them? Have the kids do it to. Have them go through their room for two things to trade for two new things :)

I should do one of these get togethers too ")) Have fun!!



answers from Los Angeles on

An informal tea party? You can have pots of caffeine free tea for the little ones, and they would love the little sandwiches, cookies and scones.



answers from Detroit on

It's close to Chinese New Year, and it's going to be the year of the dragon. Make masks and have a parade, and maybe safely have some fireworks. Build a dragon for the parade. Make egg rolls.

Or have an art night. Make Andy Warhol pop art on canvas. Eat Campbell's soup.

Get a sno-cone machine and build snowmen.

Have fun!

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