Any Feedback on the Evenflo AMP Booster Seat?

Updated on November 16, 2010
G.M. asks from Crestline, CA
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I moving (at a snail's pace) toward putting my 4 year old into the no back booster that he's been begging me for ever since his best friend got into one. I looked at reviews on Amazon and Babies R Us last night and people seem to like the Evenflo AMP Booster Seat. Anyone here have anything to say about having used one?
My boy is almost 4-1/2, 43 inches tall and weighs about 41 Lbs.

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So What Happened?

Thanks very much for the input! I didn't realize that that wasn't the next step. Like one mom said, we sat in laps, on the floor, wherever, when I was little. His little friend looks just perfect in hers, so I had no reason to question it.

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sorry, but as much as I can empathize with a child really wanting to have the same kind of booster as his friend, at 4.5YO and 41 lbs., I dare say most certified Child Passenger Safety Techs would recommend that he be in at least a high back booster or even a 5 pt harness seat. The high back booster will provide some side impact protection and should also do a better job of placing the shoulder belt properly over the center of the shoulder than a backless would. Plenty of good high back boosters (Graco Turbo Booster, Britax Parkway SG, Sunshine Kids Monterey to name a few) will convert to a backless booster after the child outgrows the back, and IMO would be more appropriate choices than a backless booster for a child your son's age/size

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I wouldn't even consider a no back booster at that age. There is absolutely no side impact protection. My son is 5 and is still harnessed, and has been told he will stay that way until he is 6 and can then get a high back booster. Yes, he wants to be in a booster like his friends, and gets excited when he rides in daddy's car (has a booster in there), but accidents are just that - unplanned for. No one starts out the day saying "I think I'll crash my car today with my kids in it", but when it happens you really want them to as protected as possible.

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Check out They have safety and price ratings on all the car seats and booster seats. That's how I picked mine.

Good luck.



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I would have loved to keep my just turned 5 year old in a 5 point harness but truth be known he doesn't fit the one we had and we couldn't afford the one that was big enough for my 48.5" 55 lb kid (I think that they started at about $150!) ! We have one of these low boosters as a back up but I am pretty happy with the High Back Booster we got off of Amazon although you can find them anywhere I love their shipping that comes right to my doorstep! I got the Evenflo Big Kid Booster Car Seat - Mercury. ( ) About the high booster what I do like about it over the lower booster is the belt positioning loop thing so that the seat belt doesn't hit him across the neck! I think that is my main reason for getting the high booster and it has little head rests which are nice if they're really tired or not feeling well! Good luck in your decision!

P.S. I sometimes remember (when I stress about the booster) that we survived even though we slept on the floor or sat on our mother's laps so a booster with a seat belt is better than what we had!



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at 4 he should not be put into a no back booster at 4 you are much safer with a harness still at the very minimum at least a belt positioning booster.

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