Any Experiences with These Websites??

Updated on November 26, 2011
J.H. asks from Grain Valley, MO
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Has anyone purchased items from or Both seem like they could be too good to be true (I know...if it walks like a duck), but the sites look legit. Any experience? My husband thinks it would be fun to try quibids.

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So What Happened?

WOW! So, all I can say is I'm very glad I asked before ordering or bidding on anything from either of these sites. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, but I'm sorry they've not been great. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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answers from Kansas City on

Totsy is totally legit, I have bought a few things from them, just don't buy anything you need anytime soon, shipping can take days to weeks. As for quibids, its more gambling that buying. It could be fun, but I don't think is a good idea if you are just trying to get a bargain. Google quibids, all kinds of bad experiences reported.

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answers from Kansas City on

totsy shipping times are ridiculously long! and i'm not a fan of their customer service either. still, it's a legit site with a lot of fun items. my guess is quibids is a scam.

edit: has kids stuff now and i'm always very pleased with their pricing, shipping costs/terms and customer service. i would definitely check them out!

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answers from Dayton on

I bought a few things from Totsy a while back.
But I won't ever again.
Their shipping times are ri-dic-u-lous!
Weeks? Try months.
And no help from customer service.
Which caused me a LOT of anxiety over a big ticket item.
Zulily is decent on shipping times.

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answers from St. Louis on

I have placed one order with Totsy, and I will never do it again. I ordered some Halloween costumes for my kids during their "Halloween Costume Event." This was back near the beginning of Sept, so I wasn't hesitant to order Halloween costumes, because even a 6 week delivery time should have given me the costumes by the middle of Oct. I kept checking the statues of my delivery, and it kept saying that the order hadn't shipped out yet. So I called Totsy customer service about 1 week to Halloween, to find out what was going on with my order. I talked to 2 different people, the first guy was no help what so ever. The 2nd guy was more informed of my order. He told me that the costumes weren't in their wearhouse, and he didn't know when they'd be shipped, but they probably wouldn't get there until AFTER HALLOWEEN. Awesome, because I want my kids' Halloween Costumes AFTER HALLOWEEN!! He then said "If I were you, I'd go and buy my kids other costumes." So, a few days before Halloween, we ended up spending 3x's as much as we had on Totsy, on Halloween costumes my kids really didn't want. The guy apoligized and refunded the money we spent on the costumes, and gave me a credit on the website. Which I was ok with. UNTIL I saw that they never refunded the money I spent on the costumes, but instead charged me AGAIN for the costumes, and then cancelled the order!!! I am now sitting here without the costumes I bought from them, and without a refund! UGH!!

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answers from Lake Charles on

STAY AWAY FROM QUIBIDS! My husband literally spent $600 and won a freakin tire guage and some Curve for men cologne. It's a rip-off. They have computer programs that make sure the bids get high enough (ie: they get 10x the value of the item from the cost of bids) then the same people win the bids over and over and over. It's a scam and last I heard they were being investigated for their practices. My husband is an awesome man and never spends money frivolously and the site just sucks you in.. you bid for bids, then bid on items, if you don't win the bid and you don't buy the item outright you can spend $20 just to click a button on something you MAY get close to winning. Seriously, don't go near it, it's a black hole!

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answers from Fort Collins on

I've gotten a couple of things off of totsy before. Quality was good, price seemed good, delivery took a little while, shipping and handling was expensive (i thought). The only reason I haven't continued buying from them is because, after paying for the expensive S&H, it didn't seem lile I saved any $at all. Might as well have gone to the store or purchased from amazon, etc.

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answers from Atlanta on

My husband thought the same thing....aaaaargh! They let you win your starting bids to get you to keep bidding. We didn't lose any money but we paid full pop for what we got....and what we got was not priority for what we really needed to buy with our budgeted money. I got three Starbucks cards ($20.00 each) and two $25.00 Lowe's gift certificates. THEY didn't cost much, but the money we lost evened out to exactly $110.00...imagine that.

If it walks like a duck....


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answers from Tampa on

Totsy was a 50-50 chances of a good experience... as for quibids, I'm curious about too.

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answers from Chicago on

I have used and it is as it says ... but you do need to do research on high ticket items ... sometimes they are something that actually lacks in quality. So say Nikon put out a "bad camera" and it got poor reviews and many returns it could go to a site like this and go for a small percentage of the cost but hey, anything to recover some of the losses right?



answers from Orlando on

I'm a couple days late, but I just wanted to throw out a couple of sites that have bargains that I have actually used so I know they are legit. - a lot like totsy, but I have ordered a few things, always got free shipping, and there are coupon codes that you can google (literally google zulily coupon codes) and they always have them. Their shipping is super fast and you get email updates about your order. I just ordered my daughter's flower girl dresses from there for my SILs wedding. They were $30 (Birdie Belle so originially I think $80ish) then free shipping, and I found a 10% off coupon code so for two flower girl dresses I paid $52 and they are beautiful! (or I have ordered a few things from the baby site and most things have been great. Also really really fast shipping (usually). Last November I ordered a zoobie. I opened the box, saw it was in there and wrapped it up for Christmas for my daughter. Christmas came and she opened it, took it out of the box and bag, and one of the legs was not attached. I contacted babysteals and they said that the items were from the company and to contact Zoobie. They had sold out of that particular zoobie so they couldn't replace it with the same one, but to see what zoobie said and they gave me a name and email. Twice in the time I was waiting for Zoobie to contact me back BS emailed me to check up on everything. Zoobie never contacted me back (to this day) and so babysteals refunded my money completely and gave me 50% off a future purchase (and I just sewed the leg back on the rhino). Fantastic customer service!!


answers from Washington DC on

nope. sorry.

I've HEARD of quibids but have not used it.

Sorry I can't be or more help

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