Any Experience with CenturyTel High Speed Internet?

Updated on February 09, 2008
P.G. asks from Denton, TX
5 answers

I am about fed up with Charter cable internet service. The inconsistency of the service is my biggest issue. We have been getting fliers for CenturyTel high speed internet and I am curious to hear from anyone that may already be using this product. Any feedback, positive or negative?


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answers from Dallas on

We too were completely fed up with Charter. We just switched last month to Centurytel DSL and Dish Network for TV. We've been very happy and wish we would've done it sooner!

:-) H.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi! I live in Corinth also, and we have used both of them. We are currently using Centurytel. I sometimes think that Charter was faster, eventhough the DSL we have now is suppose to be faster than what we had with Charter cable. But its not bad. When I lived in Denton we had Verizon and I really liked that the best. I wish they would get it in Corinth.



answers from Dallas on

That is so funny that you want to switch from Charter to Centurytel. I just switched from Centurytel to Charter a few months ago. I hated Centurytel. Their internet service was horrible. We moved to a small little town in Tennessee and I had to use them when we lived there. So when we moved back to Texas, I was thinking oh I can go with Verizon or someone well known, nope low and behold we move to Corinth and Verizon isn't out there. The city told me only Centurytel was.
Charter hasn't been too bad so far. It could have just been my experience with them. You just never know what you are going to get these days. I have had Dish Network for several years, and I always threaten that I'm going to leave them, but never do.
Good Luck! Maybe they will work better for you.



answers from Lubbock on

I am not sure exactly where you are located but, I have internet through Rapid Cable and we love it. There are issues every now and then but for the most part it is great and pretty fast. Never used the CenturyTel so I couldn't tell you about them. Just thought I would let you know.



answers from Dallas on

I only use charter, my husband used to work for charter and he told me all these stories about how these other companies like dish and so forth come in and just will do so much damage to cable, they will hook you up but they will "cut thru" and utilize what charter has put in there, and if you ever decide to go back its a big ordeal.
He doesn't work for them any longer cause he was called to active duty army and deployed. But I know the internet can be a pain but what I found out was that my modem was bad and I just made them replace it and they did. I have had a few problems now that I have moved into an apartment but its because they are constantly having to make changes in the box that has all these wires. But I just reboot it from the back of the modem and I am back on. I am also on the wireless router but over all I am very happy with Charter. So long story short maybe you need to update your modem or you might have a defective one. Good luck!!

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