Any Educational Movies for 7 Year Old Boys?

Updated on August 10, 2009
K.G. asks from Bothell, WA
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What good movies do you recommend for 7 year old boys. 'Ben 10' or 'Scooby Doo' are the movies my son is now into, but I don't particularly like them with all of the alien/monster figures they show. It seems hard sometimes to find good scholastic movies now that they are not interested in Clifford the Big Red Dog anymore. :)Thx.

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So What Happened?

Many thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. I love the idea of the 'magic school bus' and i have to check 'the magic... house'. Appreciate all your suggestions.:)

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answers from Portland on

Yes, Magic School Bus is a big hit with boys. I also love Reading Rainbow (on PBS or disc) just because it moves the children into appreciating books, and the stories are very well-chosen. DVD's of Bill Nye are fun, and Dorling Kindersley does a series of animal related subject-based videos.

I'd also suggest stories on tape. Magic Tree House is a HUGE hit with kids of this age, and for good reason; the stories are as engaging as the Scooby Doo epis, with just enough suspense to give it that thrill many kids like.

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answers from Seattle on

Oh yikes...there are TONS.

- Magic School Bus

- Walking With _______ (series, BBC, some titles include: Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Beasts, Allosaurus, Monsters -before the dinosaurs-) - Stunning visuals, and streamable on netflix.

- The Universe (History channel) -stunning visuals

And a HUGE number of titles from each of the following:

- National Geographic Society ... their regular documentaries, although the kids ones are okay, all of the regular ones are the ones the kids I know fall head over heals for. ... or

- Nova

( we search for these through netflix, because they're better than the PBS site)

(the BBC site is great, but you can't stream OR ship to the us, and the usBBC site is not great that great, so again, netflix)

- Imax
(My 7 year old actually hates these...they're MUCH slower paced than any other documentary, and they -quite frankly- don't have as many great special effects as the bbc/pbs/nova specials do).

- Discovery, or Discovery Kids

Gee...I feel like I'm forgetting something. If I remember I'll update. For pure fiction though...check out Avatar, the Last Airbender.

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answers from Portland on

In addition to some of the great ideas available on television, such as Magic School Bus and others mentioned below. Our neighbors, who have 4 kids (the older two are 7.5 and 6) turned us onto the greatest educational DVDs I have seen is a long time. The DVD set is called "Liberty Kids: The Complete Series." It is a story about 3 children journalists working for Ben Franklin. It starts in 1770 and takes the viewer through early US history - from the Boston Tea Party to The drafting of the Constitution. Great animation, great characters. Available on and qualifies for free shipping (I paid $26). It is a 6 disk series with 6-8 episodes each CD and each CD is about 2.5 hrs (or 20-30 mins per episode).

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answers from Anchorage on

I suggest the Magic School Bus Series..that's a good one. Also, Animalia is a great show. These are/were series on PBS. My kids both like Curious George too..though they are actually a little old for it. But, I think as far as educational right now, Magic School Bus is a pretty good one. It's mostly science education..but lots of shows don't cover that. There is also "Cyberchase"..about a bunch of kids that get trapped in a computer world and have to solve math problems and things to get out in each episode.."Mother Board" and "Hacker" are the heroine and villian. Christopher Lloyd is one of the Voices in Cyberchase along with Gilbert Godfrey, and Lily Tomlin is the voice of the main character in Magic School Bus. Both are pretty funny and pretty educational. They involve cartoon kids, and some weird stuff, but employ actual problem solving skills used in the classroom to solve the problem.

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answers from Seattle on

I didn't see any mention of animal shows or movies like the Planet Earth series or National Geographic nature shows but thoses were always a hit with me. In fact, we have also one called Deep Sea that's a hit here.

Have fun, maybe he'd like to try his hand at making a movie too?

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answers from Bellingham on

It looks like you have lots of great suggestions already. As the mom of three boys (and one girl!), we have lots of movies at our house.
My second boy, who is now 8, is really into transportation, especially tractors. John Deere has a great series on dvd, with at least 5 movies that we have. All About John Deere and John Deere Action are two series that they have. We've found them at our local John Deere dealer and at the library. Another series that all of my boys (10, 8, and 2) have enjoyed are the Real Wheels- There Goes a...series. They have dvds with all sorts of transportation covered...tractors, fire trucks, garbage trucks, trains, airplanes, roller coasters, boats, mail trucks, race cars, etc., etc. I've found them at numerous places, including Costco over the years. eBay is a great place to look also if you're purchasing your own copies.
Our local library is another great place we find educational videos that we "try out". We use the online catalog request system and find kids movies for each of their interests. PBS is a great source of lots of wonderful educational programming, for multiple ages. Arthur, Cyberchase, WordGirl, are all great cartoons for older kids. Good luck to you- hope you find some "new" things for your 7 year old to enjoy! : )

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answers from Salt Lake City on

When my oldest son was about 7 we found Bill Nye the Science Guy. He's awesome and your son will be entertained while he is actually learning something! You may have a hard time finding them, but check online. It will be worth the effort!

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answers from Spokane on

My son loves the blue planet and planet earth movies from Discovery. There are some scenes in them where the animals hunt their prey, but he knows they need to eat to live and is better with it than I am. Most of the movies are very great and educational and teach us about our earth and the things that live in it.

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