Any Christmas Babies? What to Do?

Updated on December 02, 2011
C.S. asks from New Albany, OH
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Hi all!

My dd has the unfortunate birthday of christmas eve. she will be two this year. our first and second christmasas (sp?) were spent in the hospital (long story).

anyow, here's the deal. how do i make her day about her and not about christmas? i've decided this year to have her party in january since she doesn't really care, and i think when she's older i may offer the idea of a half birthday. does anyone have any experience or ideas of how to make it special for her?


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answers from Houston on

Both of my children shared the same birthday...December 19th. Never mattered it was 6 days before Christmas...they always had a party...with cake and presents. I might have always been broke at Christmas time...but somehow it all came together every year. Try giving the party the weekend before Christmas Eve....I wouldn't do it in is a "birth"day celebration.

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answers from Utica on

My daughter was born on Christmas Eve too and she will be 2 this year as well =) I just made a point of telling everyone in the family that Christmas Eve will not be an option anymore to attempt to squeeze in a Christmas get together/dinner. That day is now her birthday and thats it. I know its only happened once so far but last year on her first birthday everyone was very respectful of that and yes there was a Christmas Tree up in the house but the house was also decked out with pink and elmo themed stuff just for her and no one made it about Christmas or even tried to sneak in the Christmas gift exchange thing. When she gets older I will definitely have a talk with her to see if she would prefer to have another day in the year to celebrate but as for now this works for us
Tell you little one Happy Birthday and make it about her =0)



answers from Cleveland on

My friends daughter was born Christmas eve. She has a friend party at the begining of December and then they always do something special on her half b-day June 24th :)

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answers from Washington DC on

My SS is Christmas. You have the party the first 2 weeks of December with friends and then on Christmas Eve you make sure she gets acknowledgement of her day. SS's birthday gifts (in proper birthday paper) are under the tree, and we give him birthday pie or something in honor of his day. He typically has a party earlier in the month, so we're just doing the low-key family thing. He never went for the 1/2 birthday idea. It always worked out.

The other thing I suggest is not to go "Oh, poor you with a terrible birthday date". Be positive. My family has Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and NYE babies. Just because there are other things to celebrate doesn't mean you don't ALSO celebrate her birthday.

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answers from Dallas on

My dad's birthday is 1/2 and was always upset when he was growing up that he got a Christmas/Birthday present and not one of each. He understood that my grandparents couldn't afford both, but it still bugged him. He will be 82 and still insists on having 2 different sets of presents. So my advice would be to always have separate gifts. My friend is a Christmas baby, she loved waking up to Christmas though and presents under the tree, so they didn't take that away from her, but they made the afternoon about her birthday. Since it's Christmas Eve, at least in our house we only start festivities at night, you can still make the day about her birthday.

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answers from Kansas City on

I would say have cake and presents in the afternoon for her, and ALWAYS make sure birthday presents are wrapped in birthday paper, not Christmas paper. Nothing says "oh, your birthday was an afterthought" than Christmas paper on your birthday present. My birthday is the 29th and my brother's is the 23rd and we always celebrated on our birthdays with cake and presents as usual.

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answers from Columbus on

Mine was Christmas day and we always celebrated on June 25. I really thank my mom for doing that, too. She made a point of making my half birthday something special, so I never really felt left out or that I was missing something. It's was just too hectic to do anything around the holidays to celebrate it and I understood that at an early age. Besides, after I got a couple of summertime celebrations under my belt, I was truly thankful to not be doing the whole birthday shebang in the winter.

I would suggest a breakfast in bed for your daughter - especially when she gets older - and maybe she gets to chose what you're having for dinner or start a tradition where you take her out.

For all the 'Christmas Babies' I commend you, Mama, for making your daughter feel special! Because some of us DO get looked over this time of year.

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answers from San Diego on

Ah the joys of December (or even late November birthdays). Our family knows it all too well. I'll never forget the restaurant's reaction when we made dinner reservations and said that there were 6 of our party that had birthdays all within 2 weeks before and after Christmas when we had everyone here from out of town one year. My son's due date was Christmas Day (he chose to come before that which I am secretly thankful)
The one thing our family has learned is not to get too hung up on the calendar date to celebrate.
In our family we each get our special trip to Disneyland on whatever day is not raining and we are free. We have a dinner with the family (grandparents, Aunts, uncles etc) on whatever day we are all free in the general range due to traveling etc. My birthday party was also our family Thanksgiving dinner because I'm so close and my brother and his family were going to be out of town with inlaws. I can't remember the last time we tried to throw the prototypical "invite all the friends over" type birthday party. My kids don't actually miss them to be honest.
On the day of their birthday they get to choose a restaurant for dinner. We usually get "curbside take out" because we hate sitting in restaurants. They get to pick a movie to watch for family movie night that night. We do nothing holiday related at all if we can at all avoid it. You can go somewhere special that's non-holiday related like the zoo or something.

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answers from San Francisco on

My best friend growing up was a Dec 24 baby. When we were really little, her party was usually in January. When we got a little older, she celebrated her half birthday instead (mostly because she liked having pool parties, which obviously you can't want to do in December!). I think her family usually did a birthday party for just the family on her actual birthday, though, with cake, etc.

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answers from Atlanta on

My daughter's birthday is the 26th, she is going to be 7 this year, I started out having her parties at her 1/2 birthday but now that she is older she wants her party at her actual birthday. So we have her a party 2 weeks before Christmas. Then on her actual birthday, we have a small cake and I always save a present for her to open then. I have always been big on never combing her presents with Christmas and I never wrap her birthday presents in Christmas paper. I have also told our family that I would also like them to do the same. This is her special day and I don't want her to feel as though she is getting cheated. I also have a budget that I have set for birthday presents and even though Christmas is at the same time I still buy the same for her as I do my son whose birthday is early in the year. Good Luck!!

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answers from Cincinnati on

My son will be born in the next 2 weeks or so. So I've had A LOT of people who have December birthdays and stress how I need to have a birthday for him and Christmas but make it separate. Most of them have only Christmas and barely anything on their birthday. But one thing that stood out to me is a friend's Brother in law or somehow he is related to her, his birthday is on Christmas Day. So Christmas morning they would all open up gifts, and have a Christmas brunch/lunch type of thing and then in the evening it would be his birthday party and they will have a birthday dinner for him. So it's a half-day like you mentioned but it's something the family still does.

But what alot of people have said to me is don't go crazy for them at Christmas and then do either nothing for their birthday or just give them some minor gift. Granted Christmas you tend to get more presents but don't outshine the birthday. Pick things that she likes, a theme that she likes etc.


answers from Houston on

My daughters bday is xmas day. She always has her bday party two weeks before xmas.



answers from Cleveland on

I have 2 holiday babies, Nov. 30 and dec. 28th. thanksgiving is a little easier, but i am waiting till this coming weekend to do the party, just so that thanksgiving was thanksgiving and his birthday stays his birthday. Now my daughter obviously can't have all her school friends over 3 days after Christmas. so we are having her party on the 17th and will do a nice dinner of her choosing and a homemade cake on the 28th. Some extended family will just give her an extra gift at Christmas but she still gets her day for her. Even at age 8 she doesn't seem upset by it.



answers from Chicago on

I'm 12/27. It is what it is- did the 1/2 birthday a couple of times- but embrace what is good- family is usually together- you have the day off school...



answers from Indianapolis on

My son's birthday is Dec. 3rd and my youngest daughter's is Jan. 23rd. They're not holiday babies exactly, but since they're winter babies it's harder for them to have fun stuff on their birthdays because of the weather. What we do is let each of them have a birthday cake and meal on their birthday for just our immediate family, and then have a party with their friends in the summer.That way they can decide from more choices such as swimming, roller skating, camping, or putt-putt golf.


answers from Norfolk on

My birthday is Dec 26 and I have the same problem.
Celebrating early or late is the way to go.
All my gifts are combined Christmas birthday gifts.
Generally there will be a package under the tree marked with a B and we know I get to open that one the next day.


answers from New York on

My second daughter was born on 12/24 so we always had her party in January which worked out perfectly since most people are very busy in December but don't have much going on in January. It worked so well that my oldest daughter does the same thing with her son who was born 12/27.



answers from Anchorage on

I agree with a 24th birthday it is best to do friends parties either early or late (nov or jan). and then make it tradition to have a really nice dinner out at the place or her choice, or a special meal at home on the 24th (or 23 if places around you are closed on the 24th).



answers from Pittsburgh on

My son's birthday is December 25 - we are Jewish but DH's family has always celebrated a secular Christmas (some Episcopalian ancestors I think). We pretty much call it his birthday - for several years he thought the whole world celebrated his birthday :). We have done a 1/2 birthday party for him since he was 4-1/2 since we are always out of town on his birthday and worry that not too many friends would attend around that week. Plus that way we can do a pool party.


answers from Phoenix on

My cousins bday is christmas day. Shes 35 and always had her bday party the saturday before. Sucks any way you look at it. =( Good luck.



answers from Indianapolis on

My cousin was born on Christmas Eve. My Aunt had her party the Saturday before Christmas. She was acknowledged on her birthday as well.

A lady that works with me has a son who was born on Christmas Day. She the morning time and dinner are dedicated to Christmas. After dinner they celebrate her sons birthday. It seems to work out well for them.



answers from Los Angeles on

My birthday is the 27th of December and my son's is the 28th. It makes for a very busy Christmas week for us. I've contemplated the 1/2 birthday idea for my son, simply because he really really wants "his party" and definitely will do it next year :)

Unfortunately, being 20 weeks pregnant and exhausted the thought of throwing a party this year is really in the cards for us. So we will do family parties with the grandparents, since we already had a trip set up to visit some relatives in LA in two weeks, we will be celebrating his 4th at Knotts Berry farm. I will also be bringing cupcakes to preschool the week of the 20th so he can have a 'party' with his "friends", he's so excited. In all honesty its the little things that make the kiddos happy.

As a kid I really didn't like the attention or all the parties for me it was just acknowledgement that my birthday was separate from christmas--that means no joint gifts and my birthday presents were wrapped in birthday wrapping paper and Christmas presents in holiday paper. that's all I needed.

I say your plan for you daughters birthday this year sounds great!!


answers from Dallas on

My husband is a Christmas-time "baby" (Dec. 20th) and it IS hard to separate it from Christmas.
I used to be a child entertainer and I did a lot of birthday parties in January for December birthday children. I think that is a great idea. Or even the half birthday is great.
It is hard to separate the two and to find people that aren't too busy OR already maxed out on present buying that want to attend a birthday party. It is nice to think people would understand, but I don't think they do at all. Next year will be my husband's 50th birthday, and I am already thinking about having his birthday bash in November or super early December.
Just my two cents,



answers from Kokomo on

I have a friend who had her little girl (now 23 years old) on Christmas day. They always do Chirstmas eve then Christmas morning all for Christmas then after Noon, It is Vicks Birthday. This is what she had always done for her daughter with her mom and dad then when she got married her inlaws would help when it was their turn to host Christmas. However I would not blame you as she gets older to offer her the choice of celebrating on her half birthday only because you have nicer weather and a better chance of friends being able to attend a party for her.
Good luck no matter what you choose.



answers from Cleveland on

My niece is Xmas day & her sister is 12/27. My in-laws never have b-day parties for their kids (although we always get all 4 of their kids b-day gifts). We always have Xmas at our house. They come over, we do gifts, have dinner, dessert, visit, etc. They then go home & have a small b-day celebration for our niece. We've offered to have a mini party at our house but they never want to, since they've set up their tradition.

I also have a friend whose son is a Xmas baby too. When he got older, she let him choose when he had his party (sometimes he had a Halloween party, sometimes a pool party in the summer, etc.) They always did do a mini celebration on his actual b-day too.



answers from Austin on

I hear the June 24th idea a lot - plus you get the advantage of nice weather and outdoor events =)

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