Any Advice on Trimspa Diet Pills?

Updated on August 09, 2008
J.E. asks from Spokane, WA
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i was just wondering if anyone has tried trimspa diet pills for weight loss? i had just purchased trimspa's new ultra formula and i just wanted to hear from other moms to assure myself. my son is three now and i have done nothing but gain weight since i had him. i am going to lose my mind and would appreciate any advice on trimspa. thank you!

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So What Happened?

i really appreciate all the helpfull responses i have recieved. i did feel a little grouchy on the diet pills and could have achieved the caffiene effect having a cup of coffee. i quite taking them and i will focus on what i eat and the portions i take in. i don't know how i will do, but i am thankful for the responses!! thank you

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answers from Las Vegas on

Out of desperation I tried Trimspa, I did not have time for intense exersise, and honestly I wanted a quick fix. After taking them for about 3weeks I did notice some changes, but I also had some very horrible side effects. One night I came down with incredibly intense stomach pain, so bad that if I could have gotten to the phone I would have called 911. My husband was working nights at the time, so the next day I went to the doctor and discovered I had a 10cm tumor on my right ovary. I lost the ovary. I don't know if the two were related, but I will not chance it with pills again. Instead I get up at about 5:30am, before everyone else and I do about 45 min. of Yoga and meditation. I feel a huge difference not just physically, but emotionally as well. Good Luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.,

I am a nutritionist and I would like to offer you my service for free. I can do a personal analysis and then we can see where we need to change your habits, if any. I will do this over the phone just give me a call at ###-###-#### or go to my site. and request it.

I have personally never taken trimspa but I did hear on the news that they along with a lot of other companies are being sued for false advertising.

Hope this helps.

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answers from Anchorage on

Tried them. Felt overly caffinated. Ive done the "no eating past 7pm"
I have not lost any weight. BUT ive lost inches and 3 pant sizes in 7 months =)



answers from Seattle on

They didn't work for me at all. :(




answers from Las Vegas on

I tried it and it kept me from eating because i felt sick it did nothing for me as far as energy or anything the only one that did work for me was xenedrine but i got sick of buying it they are pricey. Ive done well so far on no pills at all good luck hun



answers from Portland on

I have used them and they didn't work. However I started taking Hoodia Supreme. Don't know how well they work yet. I have also done weight watchers and it works I just need something to give me an extra little boost. If you choose that pill do your research there are a lot of fakes out there. You can go to their website at so you know you are getting the real thing. You can get the plls at Walgreens. Hope this helps.



answers from Bellingham on

A little late in the game, but I am new. I would stay completely away from any diet pills. They don't work and in the end are not the healthy approach. The best thing to do is cut calories, look at where your calories come from and exercise. I would highly recommend tracking your food intake and exercise for a couple weeks - a great online place to do so is It is totally free. I started about 4 months ago tracking what I ate and started noticing where my calories came from. I also added exercise - I am at an hour of aerobic exercise 5 days a week and 3 days of weight lifting. In the last 4 months I have lost 37 pounds and dropped 3 sizes in clothing. Lifestyle change is the only way to go about it :)

Good Luck and healthy eating!

I will be at my goal weight in 12 pounds and I feel the best I have felt in years.



answers from Las Vegas on

I know how you feel about wanting to lose weight. I gained a LOT of weight with my first son. And after my second I didn't think it would ever come off. I found a program that has worked wonders for me. It's called RESET from a company called Usana. It concentrates on eating better and exercise while cutting back you cravings for high glycemic foods. So far I've lost 20 pounds and went down 3 pant sizes. I'm working on my next 30 and I have so much energy. If you would be interested I'll send you some info. Contact me at
You can also visit my website for more info at

Good luck to you and best wishes.



answers from Los Angeles on

What I have been using that I've actually lost 8lbs in the last two weeks, is natural and organic, no side effects and the Spokespearson for the product is Heather Hansen from the Biggest Loser is O3World.
Check it out, I love it!




answers from Reno on

I would highly recommend that you DO NOT take trimspa. Trimspa and other "diet" pills contain ingredients that have not been approved by the FDA. There have been no long term studies on the effects of Trimspa. Taking pills like trimspa can have negative effects on your heart and metabolism. The ONLY way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. A sensible diet and regular excercise will help in your struggle. I realize that it's very hard to do this with a small child, but resorting to diet pills will not help. I realize that Anna Nicole Smith claims she only took Trimspa and lost 69 pounds, but she is an actress. A highly paid one, at that.



answers from Fresno on

Just an FYI, within the last week Trimspa was named (along with other companies) in a lawsuit because they don't do what they say they do. They have reached a HUGE settlement. My advice: If you haven't opened the package, return it. I am also looking for help to lose weight but have yet to find anything that works....

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