Any Advice on Mental Health Care Costs for Adult Child?

Updated on June 17, 2018
T.S. asks from Saint Clair Shores, MI
6 answers

I do have insurance however costs are so high. Now prescribed Latuda. $200 a month with insurance. Help?

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answers from New York on

If your adult child is disabled, Michigan Medicare should be working as a secondary insurance plan and picking up what the primary insurance doesn't cover. This may require using generics instead of "name brand" prescriptions, or if no generic is available, you may need to appeal any prescription denials with the help of the doctor (I've done this numerous times with great success).

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answers from Boston on

Some pharmaceutical companies have foundations that cover medications for those with a low income. I know Johnson & Johnson has one that helps with Xarelto and others that they make. A lot of drug companies have to do this because they know their stuff is just too expensive. Also, talk to the prescribing doctor. A practice in our town collects meds from patients who no long need them and "recycles" them to patients on fixed incomes (with careful oversight by a nurse and a sort of screening of the donating family to be sure they are responsible and trustworthy). Drug companies don't give out many samples anymore but some do, and other programs help make up the difference.

And while you're at it, write to your federal and state senators/reps to tell them how outrageous this is, and how mental health care needs to be available. Make noise!

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answers from Washington DC on

Sounds like you need to speak with your health care provider and tell them that you can’t afford it. If your adult child is disabled, contact SSI and see if they can help.

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answers from Miami on

Can you get a cheaper, generic option?



answers from Phoenix on

Does your Costco pharmacy carry that med? Sometimes medication is cheaper through them out of pocket.



answers from Portland on

Have you asked her prescriber if he can provide a less expensive medication? Both my daughter and I have been prescribed a less expensive medication by asking.

My daughter has been given a subsidy to help pay for her children's medication. Their doctor suggested she call the company making the drug. She provided information showing she qualified for financial help. The company notifies the pharmacy and she automatically pays the lower price.

Because she is low income her children are on the Oregon Health Plan. Your state is likely to have a similar plan. Most of the time the state pays co-pays and the difference between normal cost and reduced cost.

You can get information on the Internet by going to the drug providers and the state health plan.

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