Any Advice on Buying a Food Dehydrator?

Updated on September 28, 2010
N.G. asks from Bethlehem, PA
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I'm trying to make healthier treats for my kids. Today I attempted to make apple chips in the oven. After 2 hours they were still a bit soggy but the kids actually thought they were good. Would a dehydrator work better? Any suggestions as to which is a good one or what a good price for one is?

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Hi Momto2,
My husband has been doing a lot of research on dehydrating. There is a very helpful website that he has been learning from at On there she recommends a dehydrator called the Excalibur Dehydrator and this woman says it's the best one out there. We haven't purchased it yet although it's on the "list" and we plan on making many healthy snacks and meals with it.
Best wishes.

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i got a Snackmaster Jr and i do like it. and it works alot better than oven. takes alot longer though. and the one i have does not have a timer, so you will have to manage that one, too in terms of timing. if i were to get another one, which i will when this one craps out, then i will get one with a timer! then i don't have to make sure i plug it in and be home to unplug, too.

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If I had mine, I would say have it for free. I bought the Ronco one many years ago. I hated the foods texture. I saw Walmart had them for $30 once.

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