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Updated on May 13, 2011
S.R. asks from Charlotte, NC
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Help! We have been invaded by ants in the kitchen! Mostly under the kitchen table where my 15 month old eats...coincidence? :o) I vacuum there everyday and try to keep it clean. I want to get rid of the ants ASAP--any suggestions? I do not want to put out the chemical traps with my little man running around.

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answers from Spartanburg on


Hello. It says here that you are in the Greenville area. I too had a bad case of ANTS at one time. They almost took over the house. Almost anything will make them come into you home. I tried all the products from Wal-mart etc., but it did not help. I went to a place in Greer called Do it youself pest control. The lady there gave me some liquid to mix with water and spray inside and out. Yes it says it is safe to spray inside. I was surprised. It doesn't even have a smell to it. That has been almost a year ago and so far no ants! I've also heard that you can put some cornmeal outside and they love it. Once they eat it they can not digest it and will die. Haven't tried that one. Good luck.Hope this helps.



answers from Norfolk on

Hello S.,
We had the same problem for 3 years till I decided to get Terminex to come out and spray for them. We ended up signing a contract with them which is kinda expensive for the first year but they do have payment plans. Since they have come for over a year now we have had none at all !!! Thank goodness!! Also, a good thing with them is what they use has no harm on people and you can call as many times as you want for them to come out and spray till the little critters are gone for good. I can say this was worth it due to them getting in the cupboards and getting in our food. I thought I was going to losae my mind. Another thing is you can get ant traps but to me they didn't work that well. Good luck and I know how you feel. It's amazing how such little things can drive you crazy!!



answers from Charleston on

Okay this is going to sound really strange, but get a few packets of sweet-n-low and sprinkle it around the base broad where the ants are coming in. One of my teachers from college give me the idea over the summer. It will look like they are getting wrose, but don't worry there's something in the
sweet-n-low that kills the ants when they eat it.



answers from Richmond on


I saw your request was back from January, but I thought I would reply to see if you had gotten rid of the ants and also I want to suggest a way that was safe for my pets and my children: the Ortho Home Defense Spray. It doesn't have a nasty smell or anything and if a little bit gets on a pet or child, it's ok. I spray it around any area that goes outside and I've never had another problem since.



answers from Savannah on

I had the same problem but they were marching one by one to the cat food bowl!!! Nothing I bought from the store helped at all!! I ended up called Strand Termite to come out and treat the inside and outside for general pest control for $50. I was also having a problem with spiders in the house (wasp and hornet spray works great on them!!) and crickets!! I was tired of waking up to stepping on dismantaled cricket parts from my cats playing with them in the middle of the night! Best $50 I had spent in a long time!!




answers from Charleston on

Do you have pest control??? luckily we did bc i had the same problem i just got them to come spray and that was the last of you know what kind of ants they are>??



answers from Jacksonville on

I had the same problem when I was in my apartment. Next time you see the ants, before you start killing them try to find where they are coming from. There will usually be a "line" of ants from where the majority of the ants are eating to the wall, countertop, corner, etc where they are coming from. Plug where they are coming from. You can put vinegar in a spray bottle, and use it like bug spray. Its not instantanious like bug spray, but it does work, and its safe for you little one. Also spray vinegar around where the ants were coming from and along the trail they used to get from there to under your table. Good luck!



answers from Little Rock on

try to use kitchen cleaner to clean the ant pheromone trails... the call an exterminator



answers from Charlotte on

are they only in kitchen? we have ants too, but it turns out they are Farrow Ants...very hard to get rid of and they don't respond to any type of spray or trap poison. they only respond to a special protien bait that only professionals can get.expensive ants. very upsetting situation. the other thing i was going to ask is if you have a rug under the table. if you do, get rid of it,,,,rugs and food and kid equal ants. best of luck

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