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Updated on October 08, 2008
S.L. asks from Boise, ID
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Okay all you crafty moms out there. I have a headboard that I want to paint for my son's room. His room is cowboy. He has a white furniture. His nightstand and dresser are salvaged pieces that are wonderfully rustic and beat up. They're perfect!
But I found them and used them as-is. His head board had purple flowers painted on it, so I've now painted it white. But white will blend in with the walls until I can paint them (we're renting, but will be moving soon) so I thought I'd antique it to make it pop. And stark white will look too "new."
But I don't know how. I've thought of painting brown over the white and then wiping off what will come off. It would stick in the corners. Then my sister once used brown wax. Or shoe polish or something.
Does anyone know what I could/should do to make this look cool for him?

P.S. He has a red bandanna patterned quilt and I also found some soft fake brown barbed wire (at the Dollar Store for Halloween) that I was thinking of wrapping loosely on the headboard somehow---maybe just hang a loop of it on one post. His curtain valance is just red bandannas folded into triangles. He has lots of horse and bandanna accessories. I'd like to paint his wall red, or maybe even blue with some grass and a fence. When we buy a house, that is.

Just to add a little more:
Patti, you're right. I don't want to crackle. I own crackle medium (although it seems to crackle on a very small scale--does anyone know how to make it bigger?) but that's not the look I'm going for.
I already own some brown paint. I don't know how much the glaze medium costs, but we're pinching pennies right now to save up for a down payment on a house, so the cheaper the better. Or with stuff I already have. Does anyone know how much this stuff costs? or how I can do it with what I've got?

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answers from Great Falls on

I've done a little crackling kind of painting. Usually you have to buy some special goop that causes the second color of paint to "break up". I don't know what else to call it!

You don't mention what his headboard is made out of, but I have an idea. You mention that it's all cowboy, right? Buy some brown paint. You can find these special paint "brushes" (for lack of a better term) that will create a wood look. You could use one of those with the brown paint to make a wooden fence look for the headboard. Then it could be like a gate on the fence you mentioned painting. Just an idea.



answers from Denver on

The other 2 responses are referring to something called crackle, which may or may not be what you're wanting. It gives a look of old, cracked paint where you see the top color, and through the cracks you see another color. You can buy crackle at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. It's not too difficult to use. But what you seem to be describing sounds more like antiquing, where you you apply a sheer glaze and wipe off the extra. In this case, you can also go to your local craft store, and choose either an antiquing glaze (or it may just be referred to as glaze). This is much easier to work with than trying to apply paint and wipe off, as they are more sheer and dry more slowly, so therefore are more forgiving. If you accidentally wipe off more than you want, you simply add more and wipe back again. They usually come in a number of colors, but if you don't like the selection you can even buy an untinted glaze and mix any shade of acrylic craft paint that you like (and there are scads!) with a 50:50 ratio. This is really a super easy project! If you choose the antiquing over the crackle, you will probably be done in something like 15 minutes! The crackle will take longer if you go that way, simply because it has to dry between coats. Either way, I hope you enjoy the process as it can really be fun, and love the results!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Okay, I have done alot of refinishing of furniture. I would suggest to sand the edges with a coarse sand paper and spots all over with a finer one then maybe take screws and lay them side ways and hammer them down just to dent the wood a little and then once it "beat up" enough then take a stain and rub it all over it with a rag and let it dry it will look rustic and beat up any questions you can e mail me at [email protected]
good luck have fun!!!!



answers from Boise on

Hi S., my mom does all kinds of rustic crafts (angels, Santas, etc.) and I'm pretty sure she buys the bottled stuff. You paint the base brown, rust, or whatever you want, then you paint this antiquing stuff in the bottle over it. It will crackle on it's own. My mom did this on a bed that she painted adorable rustic angels on, and it turned out great! She was going to sell it, but I love it so much that she is saving it for me for whenever I can haul it up here from Texas. You can buy that stuff at any craft store, or probably even Wal-Mart. Good luck and have fun.

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