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Updated on May 14, 2008
C. asks from Charlotte, NC
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Hi ladies,

My son's pediatrician has prescribed Ciprodex for an ear infection. My son had tubes put in 03/07/08, but has still had an ear infection is his right ear for almost 5 weeks now. They put him back on Omnicef, but that did not work. They then put him on this antibiotic drop. I put the first dose in his ear, then that night tired to put in the second dose. I couldn't get the drops in there from my son screaming and crying in pain. It seems like the drops have "burned" the ear or made it raw. Maybe an allergic reaction?

I noticed when I was giving him his bath, he wouldn't even let me touch the outsise of his ear to clean it without him screaming and crying and kicking. I got about one drop of the second dose in his ear and he turned red and started screaming and digging at his ear. Now 3 days later, he still acts like his ear is in a lot of pain to the touch. You can touch the other ear with no reaction. I have called the pediatrician, the pharmacy, and the surgeon, but I am getting a different story from each of them.

Has anybody else had a problem with the antibiotic ear drops? This is quite frustrating to have to pay $50 for a medicine which seems to have made the problem worse than it was to begin with.

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answers from Chattanooga on

My son had tubes put in at 14 months. He had another ear infedton after that. The ENI prescribed a med that I had to get at Access Pharmacy (because they had to make it there). It was some kind of powder that I squirted into his ear with a special syringe. He is now 6 1/2 and has just had his first ear infection since then. Sorry I don't remember the name of the med but it worked great!!



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answers from Nashville on

Hey there, I am a peds nurse, sometimes the drops can burn at first because his ear is infected. But if he is not on oral abx the infection will not get better. If he has had an ear infection for 5 weeks and oral abx does not help, then he may need to consider a shot, called Rocephine, Its a 2 to 3 day shot, 1 shot once a day, but it helps. also are you getting water in his ear or are you putting ear plugs in. J.



answers from Knoxville on

I can tell you one thing that a sub pediatrician told me to do with the drops...put the drops in your bra and leave them there for the duration of the 7 days or whatever it is!!! The temp on the ear vs. the temp of the drops is around a 20 degree difference and when they are put into very sore upset ears, it really hurts for them!!!

I am in the exact same boat you are in. My son who is 16 mo old had tubes put in March 12 after 4-5 months straight of ear infections not clearing up. Now, since the tubes, he has had 2 nore infections. First time, a 10 day round of Augmentin that did nothing with the drops...and now the drops. I can't tell if they are working or not. But, I do have to say that in terms of putting them in his ears, 1) he is probably sick and tired of you putting stuff in his ears because they always hurt and 2) the meds really feel ouchy when they are cold. I also need to find out what the next step is, because I have no idea if we are just supposed to keep treating him for ear infections...(wasn't that what the tubes were for?)...or do we need to do something else?
Good luck to you.



answers from Raleigh on

I totally agree with the mom saying GIVE UP DAIRY!!!!

you can read about it a bit here:


answers from Clarksville on

Hi C.,

I am sorry your son is going through this. It sounds like it has been agonizing for him and I realize how difficult it is to see our lo's in pain.

Does your son eat a lot of dairy products? If so, I suggest eliminating all dairy from his diet. There is a direct correlation between food allergies and chronic ear infections.

Also, it might be helpful to get your son to a chiropractor. An adjustment can help to clear the interference in his ears and allow for the body to heal.

You might find these past posts about ear infections helpful.

Once again, I am sorry your little one is going through this. I hope he finds some relief soon.


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