Antibiotic Butt Rash on My Toddler

Updated on May 10, 2011
D.S. asks from Miami, FL
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Hi moms,
My toddler is on antibiotics for streptroat and because of this, he has developed some diarrea that because it has no smell, it can go undetected. The point is, he has a HORRIBLE rash, some areas even almost bleeding and I know he's in pain because of it; I tried the creams that usually work really well and fast, but this time don't seem to be healing him fast enough. Even when I try to clean him just with water instead of wipes, he screams. I can't not have a diaper on him, because he does some popping often and I have carpet almost everywhere in the house.
Can any of you recommend something for his pain and for a fast healing? he's 19 mo.
Thank you!

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answers from Lafayette on

This may sound very odd, but if you can find it, there is a ointment that worked wonders when my daughter was little. Its called Corona and if you have a feed type store it is found in the horse dept. I bought it for my grandson the other week. It is a miracle cream. I had tried everything and she got rashes like that often. it also works for booboos too. Hope this helps.



answers from Cleveland on

Baking soda in the tub. Other than that it will get better. My daughter would dread a bath for a week bc of them.

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answers from Phoenix on

there is some stuff called carona. they use it on animals but it can be used for diaper rashes. you get it at an animal supply store......i swear it works. we used it on my daughter and it worked wonders. there is also an oatmeal based diaper cream that works but i cant rememeber the name of it. its in the diaper isle though

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answers from Norfolk on

Put a towel down in a dry bathtub and have him play there for awhile un-diapered to help air out his bottom.
You can also use an oatmeal bath soak from Aveeno to help soothe his skin at bath time.
When there's diarrhea, check his diaper frequently - don't wait for a smell.
I use to slather my son's behind with so much Desitin he could almost slide out of his diaper, but it was a great barrier.

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answers from Phoenix on

Because of the antibiotics, it may be a yeast infection rash. Try antifungal cream (used for athletes foot or vaginal yeast creams). You will know within a day if that is the case because it works wonders!!



answers from Toledo on

Lots of suggestions... here's what worked for us:

Aquaphor and Dermoplast. The Dermoplast is a spray I was given at the hospital - but we were able to use it on our toddler's tush when his diaper rash was as bad as you describe. It has a numbing agent which seemed to help our little guy. You can get it at most drugstores - CVS, Walgreens, etc.

I also like the idea of letting him play in a dry bathtub with anything - toys, the crayons that mark on the tile, etc. I never thought of that...



answers from Cleveland on

I've used regular A & D ointment. The Target brand smells OK too. I know you're supposed to use stuff with zinc in it, but that burns!! The dr. told us to rinse wipes in warm water to help. Yogurt helps stop diarrea when on antibiotics. Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

So sorry! Try damp warm washcloths instead of wipes or watered down paper-towels. They seemed to work best (and with the least amount of pain) when my kiddo had that type of rash.

I've read that a combination of Maalox and Aquaphor (equal parts, warm slightly in the microwave, mix, then cool) works great - but I haven't tried it and I can't confirm where I read it. Have any other moms tried this?

I used Triple Paste (Target and Walgreens carry it for sure) on my kiddo and it worked wonders. It's expensive, but absolutely worth it.



answers from Cleveland on

At a drugstore (Walgreens, CVS) you can buy PinXav ("Pink Salve" Sp? - but the pharmacist will know what you are referring to). It is a very thick paste that you can only get behind the pharmacy (don't need a prescription) and it worked wonders for my girls. You could also try to let him go aroudn without a diaper - if possible - to let it air out.



answers from Houston on

arbonne diaper rash ointment. that is a yeast infection not a diaper rash. also cut out all sugar. up his protien also. let him go commando.



answers from New York on

My LO had a severe rash like this from antibiotics as well. I tried everything, but what worked a miracle was just 1 day of being bare bottomed. Playing in a dry bathtub is a great idea - you could have him finger paint in there to keep him occupied.
Sometimes, cleaning a poop/pee mess is what you have to do for the well-being of our kids. Get some Resolve carpet cleaner. You'll only need to endure 1 day of this and the rash will go away.
good luck



answers from Indianapolis on

When my little guy was on a harsh antibiotic my doctor recommended that we give him Florastor (probiotic) twice a day. It comes in "kids" or adult capsules that you can open and add to milk, yogurt or other foods. That worked wonders on preventing the diarrhea. Also, a good friend gave his young daughter kefir at least once a day when she had antibiotic related diarrhea. I also used wet washcloths at diaper changes and Desitin, lots and lots of Desitin, but the other moms are right - nothing beats air time to dry up the bottom



answers from Cleveland on

california baby (target)makes a natural antifungal diaper cream also get a spray bottle and give him a couple of squirts and then pat dry, rather than wiping him.



answers from Columbus on

I have 5 kids and different things have worked for each of them. I did the Lotrim one with hydrocoritsone and that worked with one child. I did Boudreaux butt paste with hydrocortisone and that worked with 3 of them. The last one, I tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked. Then I stopped buying creams and ointments and just put good ole vaseline on his bum. It was the only thing that helped him heal! Good luck to you. It is miserable for both of you.



answers from San Diego on

I Like the Beaudreaux's Butt paste. That stuff clears thing up pretty fast. My son gets diaper rashes once in a while. But the thing is you need to dry his little behind after using wipes and then apply the butt paste. I love that stuff. The oatmeal bath is great as well. I would let him lie on the floor and air his behind out.



answers from Cleveland on

Our doctor recommended using neosporin on the sores our daughter would develop on her butt. It helped them heal up. We also needed a prescription diaper cream called nystatin.



answers from Dallas on

When my DD had a similar rash her doctor suggested using Lotrimin (in case of yeast) and neosporin. Just mix them together in the palm of your hand then apply. It worked wonders for my little one.

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