Anti-itch Cream for Baby with Eczema?

Updated on June 18, 2011
L.B. asks from New Rochelle, NY
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Hi, all,

Anybody know of any kind of medicated or soothing anti-itch cream approved for babies? My baby has terrible eczema, and the doctor gave us steroid cream but told us to be very sparing with it. So unless the rash oozes, I avoid it. I use the best moisturizing creams I can find, like eucerin and Baby Naturals, but does anyone know if there is anything specifically designed to relieve itching? He has a huge outbreak today and seems tormented by it. It's all over his body and I would fear using that much steroid cream anyway. He's 5.5 months old.

Also, any other advice on eczema would be greatly appreciated. He is exclusively breastfed right now, and I use scent and dye free detergent. But eczema runs in my family.


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answers from New York on

My SON has it bad. Finally I took him to a skin doctor. She gave me the same steroid cream. It worked however it does come back after use. About a week after. She advised me to use Aveeno products. They have the cream for eczema just read the labels they have many. Also, I use the bath Aveeno twice a week. He looks great. When I see he is sweaty from the heat my MIL made me a sock with corn starch. It works! Keeps him from getting a rash in the back of his legs and creases in the arms. My son is 4 yrs old just you can see how long I have been working with this. Try these things out. You will see how good it is. Good Luck! :)

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answers from New York on

Babyganics makes an amazing eczema cream. All of their products are hypo allergenic and non irritating. They are amazing!!

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answers from Cleveland on

My 8 month old has it pretty bad. I tried a lot of creams and nothing worked. I did some research online and ended up getting Curel Itch Defense. It is accepted by the national eczema association and is pediatrician tested, and gentle enough for babies. I swear this stuff is amazing!! It's the only thing that has worked for her. I put it on her daily and her excema is gone! I have taken breaks from using it and it comes right back. It was only around $7 at Walmart. Look it up online there are reviews from other parents, great reviews, that's why I decided to try it.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Have you tried aquaphor?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

There's a baby ecxema cream that you can get at walmart. It's made by Gentle Naturals and has Disney on the front. It works really well and super fast. I hope this or something helps... that has GOT to be miserable!

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answers from Chicago on

don't avoid it. just use it for 4 days in a row, 2x a day and then take a break. its the only thing that has helped us. you don't want to use too long or too much cuz it can thin the skin (and not on face or privates)

and make sure you have soft water. that saved my hubby.


answers from Tampa on

There is something called Sarna anti-itch cream, comes in sensitive formula - made for eczema. Ask the pediatrician first tho, says children under 2 to ask - which usually just means it's fine, but double check first.

It is usually in the first aid section.



answers from Kansas City on

I would avoid Cortizone or any of the like products, even though they are specifically designed to stop itching, since you already have a steroid cream. You're just going to spend more money on something you already have and what you have is probably better. Oatmeal is supposed to help. In fact my cousin who is allergic to everything told me just today that he would make oatmeal, let it cool and just slather it on his poison ivy and that it was the only thing that helped him. You could try that and it's cheap! I'm not sure if he used instant or cook oats, but honestly, there probably isn't much difference. Other than that I would put a thin layer of the Rx cream over his entire breakout at least twice a day. I know you are supposed to use it sparingly, but with a huge break out is when you are supposed to use it, so don't fret. Along with that I would probably put on either Aquaphor or Cetaphil. We actually have both as I like to use them at different times, but both are good. I have heard that the Disney one that Ashley mentioned is also good but never used it myself. I might suggest putting a layer of Aquaphor over the steroid cream. This will help keep the cream on and add an extra layer of protection and healing for the rashy skin. I feel like I didn't totally answer your question, but hopefully I helped! Hang in there, poor baby!



answers from New York on

Hi L., I don't know about anti itch stuff, but at the first sign of an eczema patch, I would put aquaphor on it after a bath right before bed. I would do this every night until it was gone. It really helped keep it at bay, and kept it from getting to the unbearably itchy stage. Good luck.



answers from New York on

Avon has a great cream - available in bottle & tube - the tube is thicker and better. called moisture therapy - the variety is intensive moisture. white tube, blue "drop" design. I have eczema and it's on eof only two creams I can use. Aveno oatmeal is the other but it's way more expensive. You can try bendryl cream - not sure if it works.

Eczema can be aggravated by dairy, acidic foods like organges (OJ) tomatoes (if you're nursing and eating tomatoes or tomato sauce, drinking OJ). My skin does better when I've been in chlorinate pools - so consider taking your baby into the pool with you. It's counter-intuitive - but for some reason my skin is always better after a lot of time in the pool in the sun.

There's another cream in Stop & Shop in the baby seciont called triple premium something - it's about $10 a tube - white tube & box with blue lettering I think. It works well for my mom but not me - it has lanolin in it - which is drived from wool - I must have a sensitivity to it - but it's supposed to be for eczema.

Good luck!



answers from New York on

Curel Itch Defence worked wonders for my son to clear up the Eczema and it seems like daily use has prevented it from coming back. I've had eczma for years and decided to use it myself an found that it really worked. It has no sent and can be bought at drug stores, Walmart, etc. for around $8.



answers from Raleigh on

My son has a multiple allergies, both food and environmental. He was also exclusively breastfed when the eczema started. My pediatrician said that 80% of eczema cases are caused by allergies. Cut out the high allergen foods from your diet- egg, wheat, dairy, nuts. When he's old enough, have him in to see an allergist to pinpoint the exact problem.



answers from St. Louis on

oatmeal bath! & then check with the dr about what to use......



answers from Buffalo on

Cortazone-10 worked great on my girls. Also, there is a prescription cream that is non-steroidal that worked great when it got worse. I can't remember the name. (I'll look and see if I can find some.) It's been a while since we needed it. One grew out of it, and the other just seems to have dry skin now. Also, try a natural lotion w/goats milk in it for everyday moisture. It also really seems to help. Also, when you need to bathe, Aveeno eczema oatmeal bath helped. Hope that helps!



answers from Honolulu on

Try: Florasone Itches & Rashes Cream -- 1 oz
by Boericke & Tafel

Whole Foods has it. Or online like at E-bay or Amazon.

It is a natural alternative to Hydrocortisone cream.
For Eczema as well.

Also as an aside: my Mom has Eczema. But she knows what triggers it. For HER, oats and citrus triggers her eczema. If she avoids that, she does not get flare ups.
This is the link for the National Eczema Association.
Look at it, and they also have links for products that are approved by them, for Eczema etc.


answers from Spokane on

We use the Cetaphil body wash, lotion and cream on our kiddos for their eczema. If we use the lotion regularly after baths it does a pretty good job keeping it at bay. If they do get a "break out" we use the cream.
My Dad was in town and had forgotten his Rx cream for his eczema so I had him try the Cetaphil. He now uses it exclusively b/c it works better than his prescription.
Good luck!!



answers from New York on

It could be that he is reacting to something in your diet via the breastfeeding-I discovered that with my son when he was 6 months old. I was giving him both formula (Similac Advance) and breastfeeding him, and on the advice of his pediatrician, we switched him to the soy formula, Similac Isomil, and his eczema started to clear up. Then one night, he woke up in the middle of the night for a feeding, and rather than run downstairs for a bottle, I breastfed him. The next morning the daycare called me to tell me that he was so itchy that he had scratched his face bloody...and I made the connection with the breastfeeding. Rather than try a restrictive elimination diet-I eat so many potential allergens with no problems, it would take forever to figure it out-we quit breastfeeding cold turkey, so to speak. And his eczema cleared up over the following week.

For immediate relief of itching, have you tried an oatmeal bath? Aveeno makes them, plus they have a line designed for eczema sufferers, too.

Good luck to both of you!



answers from Albany on

My babies had eczema, and it runs in my husband's family, but the doctor suggested that we not use steroids (very harmful!), but rather figured out what what they were allergic to and avoid it. Since your baby is breastfed, you will have to try an elimination diet to see what works.

The doctor had suggested eliminating chocolate (sorry!), and oranges and other citris. My little boy, who was born 2 weeks early, was allergic to peaches! My daughter was allergic to all citris fruits. My cousin's children, once they eliminated chocolate, had no more eczema. Ask around to find out other foods that can cause allergic reactions. Today, too many children have severe allergies that restrict their activity, so you can start early by not forcing something into their system that they cannot tolerate. My 2 cents.

I wish you the very best - don't you wish these little ones came with instruction sheets, individualized for their specific needs?



answers from New York on

All my boys had this and I feel for you. After many doctors found out it was allergies. Changing to all cotton helped clothes sheets everything that touchs skin, and only organic no scent soap and quick baths. I lotioned all the time with vanicream (ordered online) I felt the same way about steriod cream and it fixes it but you still don't know why your baby has dry skin. Find organic sunscreen also. Find a natural doctor by you and I am sure that will help you quicker and safer than regular doc.



answers from Syracuse on

My baby had this at 4 months old. His pediatrician told us to do the following and it really worked and cleared up his skin.

- Apply hydrocortizone ointment 2-3X day BUT use the .5% instead of the's gentler. If it's not available the pharmacy can order it for you. Start with applying just 2X and then go to 3 if needed.

- Avoid all lotions, I guess they can really aggravate it. Use only creams like Cetaphil face cream or similar.

- Avoid baby soaps at bath time. Aveeno makes a great bath wash for babies with exzema.

Within 2 weeks my babies skin cleared up, by a year he outgrew it but still has sensitive skin. Goodluck!

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