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Updated on August 10, 2010
G.R. asks from Arlington, TX
5 answers

they already are fixing my truck ,my question is if a rent a car the insurance(from the guy who hit my truck) is gonna pay also for the insurance(30.00 dialy)for the rental car.

updated: i am asking if his insurance ,the one paying for the rental car also pay for the rental car insurance that is 30.00 daily

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answers from Syracuse on

No, your insurance covers the rental, unless you don't have rental coverage, OR fault has already been determined by the insurance companies, and the other insurance offers to cover the rental. You may want to speak to the insurance handling your claim.



answers from Pittsburgh on

You don't need insurance on a're probably covered under your own insurance for that! Decline it.


answers from Jacksonville on

Not clear on your question. Are you asking if the other guy's insurance will pay for you to drive a rental car, or are you asking if they will pay the insurance to cover you in an accident (should one happen) while driving the rental ?

I would contact whomever you are working with on the claim and ask about them covering the cost of a rental. Usually they do for the amount of time it is estimated it will take for your repair to be done. If you are still driving your truck, they will only pay for the amount of time it is necessary for the actual repair work to be done.


answers from Raleigh on

When we were hit, they paid for the rental but not for the rental insurance. We chose not to get it (since technically you are "covered" by your insurance) except for the days that we had to travel out of state and didn't want the hassle. We had our rental for 3 weeks, so $30 a day would have been insanely expensive by the end!



answers from Dallas on

No, I believe if you elect to take out the coverage they offer it will be your responsibility to pay. Your own auto insurance should cover you in an accident in the rental so you don't really need it. You can call your insurance agent to confirm.

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