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Updated on January 09, 2008
K.R. asks from Hobart, IN
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I know there are quite a few questions like my baby eating often should he eat...etc, etc...but my son was a little PIGGY for the past few weeks (is is 9 weeks old). He was eating 2-3 oz every hour or so...but today he has slowed down quite a bit...he has been sleeping all day (not altogether unusual for him...he was a premie and sleeps quite a bit)...and is only eating about 2 oz every 2-3 this normal? We are going to the pediatrician wednesday and i will bring this up with him, but should I call sooner???

Now he has spit up ALOT three seperate times...i know babies spit up but this was morethan normal...i've called my ped but am still waiting for a response...could there be a problem with the formula? There's no fever but he has a red rash on his cheeks (hehas had this for abouta week)...i'm worried about my guy....please any advice would be great!

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So What Happened?

Thank you to the one person who offered help. It turns out that there is a stomach bug going around and that's probably what it is (seeing as today I am sick too). The doctor said to take him off his formula until he stops vomiting for 12 hrs straight and give him pedialyte until then.

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My first thought is that he is in a growing spurt. Usually they eat eat eat, to build up those calories and fat, and then they sleep sleep sleep (which is when they grow grow grow). Hope you haven't stocked up on his current diaper size! LOL Sometimes babies spit up a good amount if they have had enough to eat, kinda like change for a dollar. He only needed 75 c and took a dollar, well, here's your quarter back (and since he was stored up for growing this seems more than likely to me). :P
Glad to see that are going to the doc though, they are the experts and know about things (and check other vitals) that we don't know right now (like what that rash if from).



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Both of my children spit up a lot as they had GERD. The doctor had us switch to Carnation Good Start which seemed to agree better with their stomachs. He also had us use Children's Mylanta for the GERD. After feeding, keep him upright for a while. Don't lay him down so gravity has a better chance to work.

As long as your son is still gaining weight, he may be needing to sleep more for a growth spurt.

A little about me:
I have two children, a daughter 10, and a son 7. It seems like yesterday that we were asking all the same Questions.



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Regarding the feeding question: it sounds like he's in a growth spurt. Babies will eat a ton of food for a week or more. Then they'll stop eating so much and sleep a lot.

I dont know about the rash on his cheeks. It could be something as simple as dry skin. His pediatrician can help wtih that question.



answers from Indianapolis on

Congratulations! You made it through your first growth spurt (6-8 weeks). Sounds like, while he was eating very frequently, you are no worse for wear:) Don't worry about him eating less, it's still a normal amount.
You are right, for the past 2 months, a disgusting stomach flu has been moving its way through the country. Our whole family got it, I know people in a lot of different places who got it, not just around here. I hope you don't get it, it was AWFUL!!! What I didn't know is that even once a baby is over it, their stomach can still be irritated, so you want to do lots of pedialyte and ease back in to the formula. Don't worry about weight gain or loss for a week or so, it's more important to get the digestive system back on track at this point.
*For anyone else reading this who breastfeeds, skip the pedialyte unless your baby is more than 6 months and isn't keeping the breast milk down. Just nurse as often as you can handle. My 13 month old nursed every hour or so because he was hungry but I had to cut out solids for 24 hours.
The nurse said it can stay in their system for up to 2 weeks so just keep an eye on him and don't worry unless he runs a fever or starts to puke more instead of less.
The rash could be eczema. Does it seem worse with lotion? Cold, dry weather always brings out the worst of eczema symptems. Lotion can irritate it. If that doesn't get better with a hypo-allergenic lotion (no fragrance, etc...) talk to the doc, they can give you a steroid cream for him. A humidifier in her room helps a lot, too. Could also be baby acne which tends to rear its ugly head any time before 3 months in most babies. Steroid cream can help here as well.
Hope he's already doing better. Just a note - if he continues to spit up a lot and really shows no other signs of being sick, have him checked for acid reflux.
Good Luck! :)



answers from Chicago on

babies tend to sleep a lil more when they are going thru a growth spurt...also, he could have a lil bug from the weather, which can also explain his red cheeks...if he drools at all or if the milk is running on his cheeks a bit, that could also contribute to the dr advised me to start using aveeno cream or aquaphor on his body bc he started to get the chafing, too (he's almost 11 wks) for the spitting up, he might be getting too much OR just a lil bug, again...but def don't let it go and bring it up to your ped...good luck!



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The extra eating was probably a growth spurt. From what I recall they eat a ton and then sleep a little more for a couple of days. Both of my sons went through them although I think my 4.5 month old lives in a constant growth spurt! Lol.

As for the spitting little guy didn't do it at all at first and then he started doing it a LOT. (Mostly on Daddy for some reason). Now, he's back to just the "average" amount (again, always on Daddy). Spit-up is normal, unless it's like projectile vomiting and you don't think he is keeping any food in.

My son has a rash on his one cheek that he's had forever...probably eczema. It's a good idea to have your ped look at it when you see him/her.

I would think if he was allergic to the formula, the reaction would be all over his body and he would be spitting up a lot lot. You know? How is his dispostion? Is he acting differently than normal? If not, I think he's ok. But, since you are going to the doctor, you can ask.




answers from Chicago on

Hi K.,
My son has been sick as's been going on for a week now. Pedialyte will at least keep him hydrated. Just be sure not to overfill is already upset tummy...throw your schedule out the window and wait for him to tell you when he's hungry. I've found that helps reduce the amount of the throw ups.
Good Luck!



answers from Chicago on

Call your pediatrician. When in doubt call. That's what they are there for.



answers from Chicago on

I am not sure about the question about quantities with your son. I breastfed, so I just fed when my children wanted it. But I do know that babies and kids go through spurts where they eat a lot and then less, or they sleep a lot and then less. However, it is my experience that when more and more changes happen, then there might be something going on. Trust your instincts. If he is eating less, sleeping more, and he has a rash, and spitting up, there are more things happening to indicate a possible problem. My daughter Sofie was three weeks early. She spit up A LOT. She had to take medication for a while--until she could sit up. It is good that you are going to the doctor. You might feel silly calling the doctor often, but who cares? That is what they are there for.



answers from Chicago on

Hey - no advice on the food thing, but my 4 month old has rashy red cheeks also, I think it is from the weather and dry indoor air. But what really helps her is a stick I bought from babies r us, I used this on my 3 yr old is Gerber giggles and grins moisturizing stick. Its like 3 bucks, give it a try.

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