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Updated on May 14, 2010
C.M. asks from Denton, TX
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Hey Moms,

What system is used to teach kids to read? "Back in my day" it was phonics. My dad said that he heard it may have been changed to Look-see or Look-Say. Or are all the schools different?

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Excellent answers!! Yes, most schools are using multiple stategies. The one thing I can absolutley suggest is that parents be involved!!! The most important thing for a pre-reader to know is that reading is important. Let your child see you reading-whatever it is you are reading - books, magazines, newspapers, instructions, cookbooks! Point out signs while you are driving and ask them if they know what that says (they will recognize a sign (such as McDonalds) as a "picture" in their minds and there is the beginning of sight reading. Read to your child every day and let them "read" to you (it doesn't matter if they get every word right- or even one!) Hope that helps!

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answers from New York on

Every school/district is different and within schools teachers often go back-and-forth depending on the children. This is often the reason for establishing reading groups in the primary grades. Kids learn differently, especially when they are so young- some need a phonics based program; some whole language; some multisensory. For the most part, schools are moving towards a balanced literacy approach, which means that children are exposed to a little of everything.

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both, all. :) I sell kids books and the best sellers, the favorites of my 4 year old and the ones that have the parents with readers who come back over and over for more utilized as many parts of the brain as possible. For example for younger kids if there are textures and flaps as well as hidden objects along with a story book it gets the kids involved more and more. Recently I came across this and found it really helpful.

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