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Updated on December 28, 2012
D.H. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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So my newborn just hit 8 lbs and I busted out my cloth diapers to give them a try. I tried a bumgenius all in one which fit pretty nice with just the newborn insert. Of course, she pooped right away. She is breastfeed and I found it difficult to get the poop out. I thought I had heard that breastfeed poop does not stain so it doesn't have to be rinsed. Is this true?

Now I've put on a Grovia all in one which says it works for 8lbs, but the insert is hanging out of the diaper on her back. Is this the way it will be until she is bigger and I adjust the diaper to a different set of snaps?


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answers from Baton Rouge on

What ever happened to old school plain cloth diapers and pins? Not complicated, and didn't need an owner's manual to use them.

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answers from Dallas on

Do yourself a favor, but a diaper sprayer. It attaches to the toilet in less then 5 minutes, and you don't have to worry about poop in the diaper. Trust me, it's WELL worth the little bit of money!! As far as Grovia, I used them with they first came out, and they were called "grobaby." Have you prewashed the insert many times? If so, they shrink quite a lot. There was a little overhang for us, but not much. I found the bumgenius were better to use at the newborn stage, and the grobaby's starting at 2 months or so.


I'm not sure why people get on here, just to complain about someone's choice that didn't work for them...and offer no useful information. For the record, I never had a leak with my son. Usually, when people have leaks in's completely user error.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Breastmilk poop is YELLOW. Yes it stains. I own covers that are lined in WHITE. They were always stained. BUT if you wash often and well, they will eventually come out.

NEVER leave any part if the diaper or insert outside of the cover. Baby will end up soaked.

I never rinsed out breastmilk poo. It was too messy to worry with. The washer took care of it for me. But when the poo becomes solid you need to clean out every poo diaper or it can mess up your washer.

Good luck! Cloth diapering is awesome! :)

I'm diapering my second baby. All cloth. Wash diapers 3 times a week. Haven't bought any new diapers at all in over a year! And only spent about $300 to diaper 2 babies! :)

Suzanne - Total up how much money you spent on disposables. THAT is the main reason why mothers choose to cloth diaper. Also, they do not leak if used properly. And some babies (like both of my daughters) have sensitive skin, eczema, or allergies so they cannot use disposables.

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answers from Chicago on

I never rinse with breastfeeding poop. I only rinse when I introduce solids. Otherwise, I just throw the diapers on the diaper bin (dry bag), and wash every other day.

With that said, I never use my BG or other one size until my kids are 3 or 4 months olds. Instead, I use newborn diapers like Kissaluvs. I also have a bunch of Fuzzi size small.

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answers from Tampa on

I personally rinsed them out before washing them. It is true I did not have issues with staining.

I did not use Grovia but you need to be sure the insert is inside the diaper. Fold it differently if you have to. You will end up with a mess if your insert is out. I promise, cloth diapering becomes super easy after you get the hang of it. Good luck.

Edited to Add:
It sounds like Suzanne used diapers quite a long time ago. I think experiences from more than 5 years ago are far different than those that use them today. They have come a long way. My son is almost 5 and I used cloth diapers with him from about 8 lbs until he was potty trained at 2 1/2 years. I used Earths Best disposables when we travelled etc. I can honestly say I did not have an issue with leaks with cloth. I had more blowouts with disposables. In addition, for me it was not a 'cost decision" although that was a perk. The thought of putting chemical gels in disposable up against my new baby disgusted me. I changed my son often and had no issues with rash. The few extra loads of laundry a week were not a big deal...came with the territory of having a baby. I did not notice a change in my electric or water bills with these few extra loads. I used simple cloth pre-fold diapers with snap covers and had no issues at all. I did not preach to disposable using mama's about their decision. I find it odd that so many of those mama's try and bad mouth cloth when they have no recent experiences with it.

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answers from Washington DC on

Newborn poop is water soluble, so you're okay to leave it IF you want to, but I'd probably rinse in cool water before throwing in the pail. When I used cloth with DS we had a diaper service, that picked up once a week (prefolds). If you're washing at home, I'd do it more quickly, or you'll end up with a very eggy smelling pile of diaper laundry to wash, which doesn't sound that fun to me.

With any brand, be sure to tuck the insert down into the cover at the back and around the leg gussets or you'll end up with a soaked baby. An easy way to do it is to fold in the MIDDLE of the insert (like pinch it up together until it's short enough, then fold over and lay it down)... it gives osme extra thickness in the middle and keeps the ends in the cover.

Good luck,

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answers from Amarillo on

To answer Christina N the new generatiion wants to have fancy easy quick diapers.

I had mine when there were no paper diapers and you washed them (3 dozen or so) three times a week. That way you could add extra cloth diapers folded in a way to be more absorbent. You just added the pants to cover the diaper so you didn't have a wet pant leg.

D. H. Yes breastfed babies have a poop that is different from bottle fed babies but you need to rinse the diapers out regardless of the milk. I found it easier to rinse the diaper and then put in diaper pail than to leave it in the diaper so that it "stuck" to itself and made it harder to launder. Once you get the hang of it it is easier to do and you say money.

Good luck to you.

The other S.

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answers from Louisville on

It has been years since I had one in diapers, but I remember using Gerber disposable liners in mine. I disposed of the liner with the breast fed baby poo in it, and washed the cloth diapers. Once he was old enough to have more well- formed poos, I stopped using the liners. But they were great for that, and I do not know if they still sell them.


answers from Kansas City on

I'll ask again. Why would anyone want to use cloth diapers? I had them and rinsed them after dirty and put them in the pail. I had white diapers always and hung them out to dry as I had no dryer back then. As soon as pampers came out that's what I used. SO much easier and no rinsing when you were out or visiting someone, YUK, and I would just use plain diapers if you prefer those. Why do inserts and all that? It still leaks way way more than disposable diapers and then you have to change everything.



answers from Kansas City on

I have a client that uses cloth diapers (Bumgenius) and they were tricky when baby was really little. Mom had inserts that were for a younger baby, but I found that they were just not absorbent enough, no matter how frequently I changed her. When Mom changed to the more absorbent inserts made for older babies everything has gone much better! They are big and bulky, but they do work.


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