Annoying Dandruff

Updated on May 04, 2010
C.M. asks from Round Rock, TX
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For the last couple of weeks I've had the WORST dandruff. It comes and goes but I can't seem to get it to go away! What I've tried: Head and Shoulders, TSAL, cool showers, hot oil treatment, vitamin D supplements. I can't get into my doctors office until June 12. Could this be a seasonal allergy thing? I've always had allergy problems. Any suggestions?

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answers from Austin on

I had issues with dry, itchy, flaky scalp all my life. I have spent $1000's trying to find something that worked. On a chance I picked up Natures Gate Tea Tree calming shampoo and conditioner at HEB. It has completely changed my hair. It also feels really good since it has mint in it and makes my scalp all tingly. I will say the conditioner is pretty light weight, so I use a little bio silk on my hair after I get out of the shower. I did the derm route and tried all the things she gave me, but this works so much better, and was much cheaper as well. Just make sure to leave the shampoo on for as long as you can, I do for about 7 mins and then the conditioner about 4 or 5. I do think it is an allergy related situation for me as it comes and goes at different times.

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answers from Houston on

The only thing that has worked for me is TGel from Neutrogena. Since it smells pretty strong I mix it with regular shampoo. I use it every day, or at least every time I shampoo my hair. If I skip just one time the dandruff comes back.

Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

When I get really bad dandruff, I use Neutrogena T-Gel (Wal-Mart). I use it as recommended - (3x a week?). It takes a week or so before I notice it's significantly better. It has coal tar in it, so smells a little icky, but even on highlighted hair, it doesn't affect the color. I use a regular conditioner instead of dandruff conditioner. For shampooing after getting the dandruff under control, I have decided to just use head and shoulders. It's smells good and hopefully will keep the bad dandruff away!!

Good luck!! I know it's frustrating

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answers from Dallas on

supporting the immune system with certain vitamin supplements could help. I imagine it could be allergies, but also stress, hormones, diet, etc... I can recommend a few supplements if you are interested, and a haircare system.



answers from Houston on

I've never had dandruff and this happened to me towards the end of my pregnancy with my daughter and for awhile post pregnancy. I chalked it up to hormones. Goldwell makes a dandruff/balancing shampoo in a white bottle that works well and it doesn't have a weird smell.

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