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Updated on August 27, 2008
J.M. asks from Garland, TX
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Does anyone have a good idea for a first year anniversary. We are limited on funds so something inexpensive would be preferred. We found a sitter for free (sisters are great!!!) so that part is taken care of I just need an idea of what to do now.

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For our 1st anniversary last year, I called around to hotels in the DFW area and asked for any special packages they had available. We ended up staying at the Rennasaince(sp?) hotel in Dallas, that included the room, $100 credit at their restaurant (great meal!!!), a bottle of champagne, valet parking, and breakfast. I think we only paid about $160 or so (after taxes). It was well worth it! We had a 2 month old son, so we didn't want to go far, and we were also on a tight budget.


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J. -

A great place to go is the Kimbell Museum of Art. There is a great buzz in the city about "The Impressionists: Master Paintings from the Art Institute of Chicago" Exhibition. Half-price admission is offered from 5-8:00 PM on Fridays. This works well since you will be celebrating your anniversary on 9/1/08, you can go the day before for a total of $16 dollars!

At the end of the evening you can present your husband with a memory jar. Just get a glass vase (an inexpensive one at Goodwill or one you already own) tie a ribbon on it. On a slip of paper put the date and that you went to the Kimball. For the rest of the year you can write down memories and on your next anniversary read them over a glass of wine...for FREE.



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Hi J.-

I like the hotel options, but if your funds are more limited than that, I would order take out from Outback, Chilies or fast food........ whatever you can $$$ and go to the lake or a park with a pond and have a picnic. Bring champaign, wine,beer or your favorite beverage and your favorite blanket and relax! Feed the ducks, go for a walk around the trails etc. As long as you two are together that is all that matters!..........Have fun and Happy Anniversary!



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Sister's are great and I completely understand about limited funds. A picnic in the arboretum or nice park might be romantic. If your sister is going to watch at her place. A picnic in the living room is not a bad thing either.

If there is anything especially you like to do together and don't get a chance to often, go. Or even do something you've never done before.



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Certainly check out the nicer hotels for a "getaway package", "romance package". Some of those can be a lot more economical than you realize.

On my first anniversary (this year is #20) we went to Ruth Chris steak house and had a nice bottle of wine with dinner. That was a huge splurge at the time and OH so nice.

Happy Anniversary!

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