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Updated on May 30, 2012
K.H. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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My hubby and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage this Sunday. We are spending the entire weekend (Friday night through Sunday late afternoon, early evening) at softball tournaments for our oldest two daughters. We are staying in a hotel with the kiddos, but he will be at one park and I will be another (the parks are about 10 minutes apart). So, we won't see much of each other until we get home.

I'm looking for ideas on something I can do for him/give him for our anniversary. He coaches our middle daughter this year (last year he coached the oldest, he alternates every year, so each kid never feels left out). We are a softball family! He also enjoys golf (doesn't have much time because of softball), the Indy 500 (first year in 16 years he didn't get to go, again because of softball), and most major sports (football, basketball, baseball, etc).

I'd like to be able to do something for him to just show him how happy I am with our life. We started young (first daughter at 19 and married at 20) and have had some bumps, but we are really in a good place in our life now.


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answers from Los Angeles on


If you can afford it, I'd rent another room at that hotel with a jucuzzi. Have a meal brought in and enjoy each others company with a nice candle lit dinner and warm hot tub.

If you want to get fancy, go to a local health spa for a couples massage. Then go to a nice restaurant for a simple meal or back to the room (above) for dinner and time in a jucuzzi.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Philadelphia on

find a weekend when he doesnt have softball (end of season soon) get a babysitter, book a hotel, buy sporting tickets, lingeree, and plan a weekend of fun J. the two of you!

If you cant spend the money on the above get a babysitter during the week and do the same but end at home?

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answers from Appleton on

Are the kids old enough for you to leave them in rhe room for a hour or two and go out for a nice candlelight dinner? You could also just go to a take out place and bring a candle and a nice dress and a bottle of wine and eat in the lobby or if there is a picnic area at the hotel.

Don't eat in the car if you have wine or other alcohol. In Wisconsin you can be picked up for 'open container' or OWI even if the only the radio is on you are still operating the car. I know it sounds dumb but an attorney explained it to me.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Where did you meet and/or share your first date?

My first "date" with my husband was spent walking aimlessly around the parking lot where we met all night until the sun came up just talking about anything and everything.

I have always wanted to go back there for one of our anniversaries and just hang out again. Have a picnic or something right in the middle of the lot.

Maybe you could do something like that where you two met?

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