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Updated on December 03, 2006
N.V. asks from Henderson, NV
7 answers

Totally off subject from my 11 yr olds attitude, but I need some help with planning an anniversary. This will be our # 4 wedding anniv. and I would like to do something creative, special, maybe a little romantic, and above all low budget. any suggestions?

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answers from Portland on

My husband and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and let me say this year was harder to come up with something to do because on our 1st year anniversary we actually had our "big" wedding. When we actually got married it was in my grandmother's living room, I was almost two months pregnant and really starting to show and didn't want to have my wedding photos be with me being pregnant, so we had a really small first wedding and then on our one year we had the big one where every one joined us. I'm sure you probably already had the big wedding so you don't want to do that again, but your idea really needs to depend on where you live. I live in Oregon and my husband has never been here prior to us moving here so he hasn't been able to see a lot, so on our annivesary we went to dinner at a restaurant he had never been too and walked around downtown. It was really nice and we enjoyed the time away from the boys just being a couple.



answers from Las Vegas on

Hello N., last year for our 9th year anniversary, I got my husband 9 new ties. I thought it was kind of corney at the time, because he doesn't like dressing up but has to wear ties to work. He seemed to like it a lot. Now I am with you, I don't know what to do for our 10th. I just threw a big party for the baby (1st yr) and with the holidays coming up don't have the energy to throw another party. My husband doesn't enjoy going out to dinner and getting dressed up because he is in dress shoes, shirt, and tie all day. I will have to find something that he needs 10 of and hope he appreciates them. Good luck.



answers from Pocatello on

Barnes and Noble has a deck of cards called 52 cheap dates-there's alot of great cheap and free date ideas in there!Tip-My husband and I each have to come up with something to do so not all the pressure is on me which helps alot with THE MOOD;)



answers from Spokane on

First if you can get someone to take the kids out of the house for a couple of hours, make him his favorite dinner and eat it by candlelight =) I once made our whole meal in the shape of hearts! (steak and mashed potatos and beans) Made it kinda fun. Then we always give handmade cards, doesnt have to be anything fancy, the ones I recieve are usually computer made and the ones I give are made out of constuction paper and school glue =) We decided long ago not to spend money on each other for our anniversary but that doesnt mean we dont try to give each other a little something, since its your 4th, maybe give him 4 elaboratly wrapped little presents, say his favorite candy bar, a new book, key chain etc... you get the idea. Just have fun with it.



answers from Portland on

I have been married for 4 years and each year we alternate a surprise. We decided that we weren’t buying gifts, but that we would go someplace to be alone each year. This does cost a little, because we have gotten a hotel room (just one night) but we stay in town. The first year we stayed at the hotel we were married in, the second year we went to a spa and got massages… (my husbands idea and he had never had one and loved it). I think what is most important is to get away from the kids so you can pay attention to no one but each other. If you can afford to go to dinner or get desert, I think there is a lot of benefit of getting out of the house. It eliminates your ability to do anything that you would on a “normal’ evening. Away from TV, dishes, kids, pets and all of the other things that demand your attention. Good luck coming up with something!



answers from Las Vegas on

Hi N., my husband and our having our frist anniv. soon and one of our ideas is to have a picnic at the lake and watch the sunset and since its not really boat season it will most likely be empty. hope this helps and I hope you guys have fun. O. p.



answers from Phoenix on

I think it would be great for you too to get out of the house and away from those kids!!! the piano bar at new york new york is free and fun. Maybe you could have a night to yourself and act like tourists. I love doing that. plus you get to see all the new stuf the strip has to offer.
It might be boring but ou and your honey don't have to hear "mommy, he's hitting me" for the night.

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