Angle of the Dangle

Updated on September 04, 2010
E.M. asks from Boulder, CO
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Just had a high quality ultrasound at 13.5 weeks and can see the "nub" at a perfect 45 degree angle to the lower spine. Anybody have an luck with accuracy using this method of gender prediction? **not 3D, just high quality--not the grainy black and white and type.
We are getting a 20 week ultrasound for sure but as we have two girls our curiosity was peaked because we've seen a lot of girl ultrasounds and have never seen anything like this.

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So What Happened?

The Angle of the Dangle worked! We confirmed yesterday we are having a boy! Most people who are skeptical don't understand the theory. With a good ultrasound picture, experts can guess the gender with 95% accuracy between weeks 12 and 14.
At his point in fetal development, distinct changes are beginning to take place and with a profile or nub shot, these changes are clear! Hurray!

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I learned about the "angle of the dangle" theory after my 2nd pregnancy. I did get nub shots for pregnancy 3 and pregnancy 4, and the theory was right for both (#3 was girl, #4 was boy).

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Yep, I had the angle of the dangle prediction done at 12 weeks with my son who is now 8 weeks old. Told me it was boy. It was also confirmed later on at 18, 22, and 30 wks, and birth lol.

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Saw my sons parts at the 17 week ultrasound, not sooner because he wouldn't turn :(


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We could tell son #3 was a boy with a regular ultrasound at somewhere between 12 and 16 weeks. Son #1 looked like a blob in all regular ultrasounds until about 20+ weeks.

Accuracy as far as determining gender depends on the ultrasound tech and the quality of the machine. By "high quality", do you mean 3-D? Or just a high quality machine? Either way, congrats!



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have never heard of the "Angle of the Dangle" theory until you posted this, but it seems very subjective, but based in fact so I would love to know if you do end up with a boy at 20 weeks or not.



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I'd never even heard of this before your post but out of curiosity I googled it and found this interesting page:

Thought it had a pretty good explanation of accuracy - it's at the very bottom of the page so you'll have to scroll down but the rest of the page is pretty interesting stuff too. Congrats on your baby (most likely a boy!)!!!

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