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Updated on January 16, 2007
T.C. asks from Little River, SC
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My five year old son has been very angry lately. He has been destructive, breaking toys and even some household items. We recently moved about 100 miles from our old neighborhood, which had a lot of kids his age. Where we live now there are no kids, and he has had some trouble adjusting to his new school. He is very smart for his age, and the new school is more like a daycare than a preschool, so I know he is bored. His last school had a challenging curriculum, (in which he did very well) and now that he is bored, he is also getting into some trouble there, resulting in time-outs. I am at my wits end about what to do about his behavior. He has never been so angry before, and I'm wondering if any other moms have had anger issues with their children. I would appreciate it if someone could give me advice.

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I just had/ am having the same issue with My little girl( she will be 5 on 2/24). I had her in a CD-4 program and she was advance, which caused her to get bored and start to get into trouble, plus she was acting up at home. I miss my angel. I had to pull her out of the program and I keep her at home and home school. She has gotten ten times better. And I can teach her at her pace and her level and put a fun spin on learning. We do miss the kids, but there is a lot of parnets who home school in this area and I am also starting a play group for her age. If you are intrested please check us out. We are just starting.Best wishs with him and if you ever need to vent feel free to e mail. =)

A little about me:
I am a happily married (6 yrs)mother of 3 ( Alexandria 4 yrs, Gabriella 3 yrs old, and Tristin 10 months. I am a stay at home home who watches two other boys, both 10 months old, I work at the studio some weeknights, but mostly weekends (taking pics) and in my "free time" I am still working on my non profit organization for young children.
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My sister had similar issues when she was younger. The teacher gave her some more advanced work for a few weeks and then they decided to have her skip a grade. She was much happier in the higher grade. Her grades were actually suffering in the lower grade b/c (like your son) she was bored. Might be worth looking in to.



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Hi T.,

You might want to sit down and have a "grown up" talk with your son. Ask him what's wrong and let him express his feelings and then try to work out a plan together to resolve his feelings. I also have a very bright, 5 year old son and he is easily frustrated. I try not to minimalize his feelings while asking him for suggestions as to how to "fix" it. That way, he learns anger management, problem resolution and feels like he is part of it and not like he's being told what to do. Of course, I steer the conversation in the right direction, but he doesn't realize it (most of the time!).

Good luck!!



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My aunt had the same issues with her daughter(4 1/2). She had been in pre-school for two years before she started acting up and expressing her anger by being destructive. My aunt approached her teachers about putting her in an advanced class but they refused because she did not attend the school full-time, even though they agreed that she would benefit because she is very smart. My aunt was livid and removed her from pre-school. She learns at home now at her own pace and her behavior has improved tremendously. She also attends dance class to get the interaction she needs with other children.



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Hello T.,
My name is S. and I have a son that is 12 now and I went through a simular situation with him at that age. Children have a tough time expressing all of there emotions in an exceptable manner to adults. He may not be coping with the move very well. Also may be a little depressed and missing his old friends. Try keeping his mind occupied with stimulating games and maybe even finding some play groups in your area can help to ease his pain. I hope this helps and good luck.

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