An ENT Specialist from Chindren's Hospital

Updated on October 24, 2006
S. asks from Irving, TX
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Can any one reccomend the best Pediatric ENT specialist in Children's hospital. I need a second opinion for my daughter's tonsillectomy.


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answers from Dallas on

We just used Dr. Ronald Deskin at Children's for my childs ear surgery (tubes). I really like him as he was very thorough and explained every little detail so we would be comfortable with the procedure. I do know that he is very difficult to get into and there could be a lengthy waiting period. However, he does have a satellite office in Plano and the wait wasn't nearly as long to see him there.

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My son just had ear tubes put in last week. We didn't use Children's hospital, but the Dr we used used to work there before he and his partner left to open their own practice. It is ENT for Children ( Office is in Coppell, surgery centers in North Richland Hills or Plano. We used Dr. Murray, but my pediatrician recommended either doctor equally. We were completely happy w/Dr Murray. If insurance/location works for you I recommend him highly. Good luck.

Web site is, sorry it is not .com

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I am 27 and had my tonsils out in March. The doctor was great, I traveled to Fort Worth to have it done. Recommendation from a doctor friend. His name is Dr. Randy Phillips. He did a great job! I know that's probably a long way for you to go, but I would think it would be worth your time!


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