AmeriPlan?? Does Anyone Use This, and Is It Worth the $20/Month? Dental/Vision

Updated on November 02, 2010
D.E. asks from Aurora, IL
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AmeriPlan?? Does anyone use this, and is it worth the $20/month? Our insurance policy doesn't cover Dental or Vision. So I'm wondering if there are others out there that use this coverage and if it's worth the money??

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your input. I still need to do some research.

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Hi D.,
Yes it is worth the $20 a month. I have saved tons of money on dental and glasses for my family of six. Plus you can cancel it at anytime since you are not under any contract. If you want more information check out or contact me.
Good luck on your research.

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I had a similar plan for years,then when I needed to use it for dental I found that the dentists really were not accepting this,they would not ereturn calls.make appointments or anything,then to top it off I found out this was just a ''discount'' the provider will expect you to pay the rest of the bill at time of service,personally I would not waste money on it,find a dentist that will accept payments and go to someplace like Americas best for your vision..just my 2 cents worth

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I am not sure about this plan, but I work in insurance. You can contact Tom Kenney. He sells individual & group health, dental & life insurance. He should have something that will work for you . The # is ###-###-#### if you are interested.

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I have the careington plan. It is similar. Just a discount and not all dentists take it. It is only I think 15.00 a month. It is better then nothing if you dont have dental insurance but you still need to pay up front unless your dentist takes payment plans. You can apply right on-line.

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I think the AmeriPlan is basically a discount plan verses actual health insurance. $20/month sounds like a good rate for the whole family. You have to consider you're investing $240 a year. What are your co-pays for office visits? My dental insurance gives each person 2 free cleanings a year and 80% off any dental work like fillings, crowns, or dentures. My vision covers the first $130 of frames or contacts. Eye exam is free once a year. Then extra costs are 20% off such as high-index lenses, anti-reflective coatings, and no scratch. I would suggest getting the free exam and then going to a place like JC Penny's for frames. Often they will have a buy one get one free sale.



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Yes, it it worth the approx $20 monthly. It covers your entire household. Household members include those that live with you and are not even a part of your immediate family.
with Ameriplan, they view those who live with you as an extended part of your family which makes this a very practical solution for those with insurance as well as those without insurance. Please not that many insurance companies do not cover members who are not a part of your immediate family, but which are still living in your household or are still related in some way.
For more info visit me anytime at for more specific details tailored to your needs.
Hope this helps!

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