Updated on July 25, 2008
L.D. asks from Columbus, OH
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Do you have any recommendations on sign language (teaching) materials? My son seems to enjoy signing and can learn faster then I can keep up right now. He likes books but it seems that DVD's work best for both of us in this application. He has been in day care since 2 months old and they have been teaching him the "basics."
My father in law would like to buy him some new material for his upcoming 2nd birthday and is looking for suggestions! I have looked on line and seen a zillion things but decided some of your thoughts would help me narrow down my search.

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answers from Columbus on

Baby Einstein's Baby Wordsworth is pretty nice. It shows both an adult and a kid signing the words with pictures of what it is. They also say the word at the same time.

I like it anyway.

I have also head good things about signing time, but have not experience with it myself. :D



answers from Fort Wayne on

Baby Einstein DVD's are really good. I don't know if he's past that age though. They have the basic signs, which it sounds like he's already mastered, and some more advanced DVD's. I think it's wonderful that you're teaching your son sign language. We started it with my daughter and it's amazing how fast she can pick up the signs.



answers from Indianapolis on

Signing Time, Signing Time Signing Time! Did I mention Signing Time? I did the dvd's and cds with my now 4 yr old and he picked it up so fast! We still use it when we can see but not hear each other! He still loves the music cds too! They have books too if you want those! Sometimes you can find them on ebay or for cheaper. Rent them from the library too!

Good luck!!



answers from Cincinnati on

Signing Safari is good too - Sharon Said, the gal in charge of those videos, is an excellent instructor herself.

Also check out Baby Signing Time as well.

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