American Girl Dolls Here & Less Expensive?

Updated on July 13, 2010
E.S. asks from Orlando, FL
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My SIL has requested American Girl dolls for my niece's 6th b'day. We just can't afford the price & shipping! Is there anyone who might be wanting to get rid of a doll who could help us make a little girl (and her rather pricey mother) happy?

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So What Happened?

Mom & I decided to get her some of the accessories from Target, and Mom found an AG Nez Perce doll on eBay, but they wanted $50 to ship it--she actually has to drive right through their town, so she's hoping maybe they'll let her just pick it up! I really think this is more my SIL than my niece, because I think my niece would be happy with the My Generation dolls from Target. My SILs tend to be a bit snobbish when it comes to brands! As it is, my niece will probably get an AG doll from someone, but not from our side of the family. Her folks will be in Chicago next week, so they should really go to the AG store and buy one themselves, if that's what they want to give her. We'll see how it works out this weekend at her party!

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I would look at the doll she requested and price the accessories on the American Girl Web site. The accessories are more affordable than the actual dolls. My daughter could care less about the dolls, but she flipped for the raccoon in a trash can my parents gave her for her birthday. If that is not in your budget then just think about the most appropriate gift you could give your niece. Then if your SIL has the gumption to complain just tell her the truth the dolls are out of your spending comfort zone at the moment. Besides it is the 6 year olds party anyway. If your niece is happy her mother shouldn't care what you gave her.

Good Luck,

J. N.

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Can you find out which doll she wants and just buy an outfit or an accessory? Does it have to be the doll itself?? Can you pool your funds with other family members and get her one?

Honestly, I think it's pretty rude to ask for such an expensive gift... You are looking at close to $150 when all is said and done, and that's just for the doll only.

The only other options I can think of are to try Craigslist, E-Bay and Good luck!



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Is she wanting an actual American Girl doll maybe she doesn't realize there are cheaper dolls out there that are very compariable but not so expensive. My daughter has a Madame Alexandra doll same size and everything just not so expensive I am sure it won't hold up as long but for a six year old this is a great starter doll. You can find these at Toyrus and I think Target. Good Luck



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I know you already posted a 'what happened' but I wanted to add that I just recently bought an American Girl gift card for my niece just a few months ago. I bought it on line and it was shipped directly to her house and I don't think they charged extra for shipping but I can't remember...if they did it wasn't very much. Anyway, she was thrilled to receive mail and it was packaged really cute. This way, if she does get a doll she can use this gift card to buy whatever she wants, or put it towards another doll. She can use it on line or wait until the store in OP mall opens!



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My niece got American Girl dolls for Christmas from her parents and so my SIL asked us to buy her doll clothes from target because they fit the American Girl dolls.

I cannot remember what the clothes are called but I'm sure if you do some research you can figure it out. But there are definitely specific outfits that can fit the AG dolls.

That way you can buy her lots of accessories for the same amount of money as probably only a few would cost on the American Girl site.

Good luck.



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Buy her a Barbie instead and put a note on it saying, " Let's play pretend. Pretend this is an American Girl Doll"! :)


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When's her bday? Apparently they are putting a store in at Oak Park Mall. Not sure if she would be willing to wait to get it til the store is there.

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