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Updated on February 10, 2012
K.C. asks from Mc Lean, VA
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Our LO is 13 months old ... am naps are all over the place ... can be as long as 2.5 hours some days. I really feel like LO still NEEDS them, but wonder if it's time to phase them out. LO is sleeping pretty consistently 11-12 hours through the night. When did your LO give up their am nap?

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So What Happened?

Thanks all! I think he still needs them ... if he goes much more than 3 hours without some kind of sleep, he's VERY cranky. Just needed some other input. Appreciate the help!

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answers from Honolulu on

My son, napped per his cues. I knew his cues.
At that age of your child, my son napped, twice or 3 times a day and still slept fine at night with no problem. His naps were about 2 hours.
He was 3, by the time his naps were just in the afternoon. And his naps still lasted about 2 hours. Sometimes longer during growth spurts.
And yes, he still slept at night, just fine.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I run a home daycare. I eliminate morning naps about that age if possible, but some kids do still need a very brief little nap. I ahve a cut off of 10 am tho so they will nap in the afternoon when all my daycare kids nap. So if they do take a morning nap its usually somewhere in the 9am-10am (latest) time frame.

If they get sleepy after that, too bad, so sad. Buck up, stay busy and distracted, have a small snack at 10 am (a few crackers and some milk) and get thru till lunch at 12:15-12:30, and nap at 1pm till as late as 4pm if they stay out that long.

This is just what works for me in the small group setting. They always assimilate to the routine wihtout many hic-cups to the system!

Good luck and happy napping!

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answers from Washington DC on

I did morning naps with my first until she was about 18 mos. old. She kind of phased out of them on her own.

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