Am I Pregnant or Not?

Updated on October 13, 2009
C.K. asks from Arlington, TX
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Here is what happened in a nutshell:
My period was late, I took a pregnancy test, it was positive.
2 days later, I had a second test so thought why not take it? It was negative. I thought it might have been inaccurate since I had just peed & the human growth hormone might not have built back up since I was only 3 days late.
I went to the bathroom this morning & there was a little bit of blood (less than a spot). I was upset, took another test. It was negative. I was bummed.
There hasn't been any blood other than the miniscule amount when I wiped. I have been sleeping like a pregnant women & cramping. NO BLOOD.
My period is only 4 days late at this point, which I know is early, sometimes too early to tell. I was so excited now I'm just confused & upset. I'm NEVER late which is why I felt so confident when taking the test the first time. I'd like to have another baby so much! I'm trying not to get my spirits down but that's hard!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your words of wisdom. It was/is a Chemical Pregnancy. I'd never heard the term before and am still uncertain why it's called that. Anyway, I was initially sad but have decided that there was something that wasn't right about the pregnancy & that's just nature's way of letting me know. It happens & it's alright, there will be more kids when everything is as it should be.

My husband & I decided to stop ""trying", it takes the joy out of sex & our daily lives, constantly waiting to see if I'm pregnant or not. Things should flow much smoother & be more organic (I know, I'm such a hippie!).

Thank you all again for your help. Better luck next time...

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I had an experience very similar to what you are describing. When I got the the DR's office, she said my test was Negative ( after 3 positives at home)and she described what is called a chemical pregnancy. Essentially, the fertilization occurs, but it doesn't implant correctly, so your body thinks it is pregnant for a few days.

The VERY NEXT cycle, I became pregnant with my adorable son. I wish you luck- don't stress out about it!

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Sounds like what happened to me back in December. It turned out to be a chemical pregnancy like the previous poster mentioned. I'd call your doctor. Good luck!



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The best way to know for sure is to make an appt to see your doctor and have them run a blood test.


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i think there's a very big chance you are pregnant because i know that you can get a false negative but not a false positive wait at least 3 more days and take another test or go to do a blood test.



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I know you can spot when you're first pregnant. My first pregnancy I think I was 7 weeks and spotted and thought I was going to mis-carry but didn' was just some light spotting. I'd wait a day or two and then if still no period, call your OB.

Good luck!



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I would go to the Dr and have a blood test done. It sounds like a chemical pregnancy to me. I had one back in April.

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