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Updated on June 10, 2010
M.P. asks from Rio Rancho, NM
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My husband and I have been trying to get preganant for the last year. We recently found out that I was having thyroid issues and they put me on thyroid medicine. I have felt a lot better since. I took 2 pregnancy tests this weekend and both were positive. However, my discharge all weekend was a little bloody and now when I wipe there is blood. I know that sometimes it is normal to spot during a pregnancy but I am very nervous that I am losing the baby that we just tried a year to make. We have a little girl and when we got pregnant with her I had no issues and no problems. I actually felt like I was pregnant with her before I took the test. This time I do not feel pregnant, with the exception that my breasts are really sore. I am going to call an OBGYN today but any help before that would be nice! Thanks Ladies!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies for all the love and support. I went to the doctor and she suspects that I am having a miscarriage, since by the time I went in I was having bleeding like a period. I had blood work done on tuesday and my level was only 3 which is low. They had me do more blood work today so we will find out for sure tomorrow. This isn't easy news since we have been trying for a year now but at least we know we can get pregnant and we will just keep trying for our second bundle of joy!!

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Same thing happened to me. The docs said it was my body mimicing my period. I laid down until the bleeding stopped and then headed to my IVF doctor and I believe they gave me some progesterone. I had a healthy baby 9 months later. Take it easy. Good luck!

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my experience with miscarriage is that it was spotting plus cramping pain that gradually got worse. if you just have spotting, it's probably ok. I had a normal pregnancy with a lot of spotting and everything turned out to be fine. But of course check with your OB. No one here can really say for sure what is going on with you.


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Yeah, I would call the OBGYN. I had one pregnancy where spotting was nothing, then another where it was placental abruption and I ended up on bedrest. It's hard to tell when we're not experts, you know?? I'd just call and be sure. Hoping for you that all is well....




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Every pregnancy is different. How far along are you? If you are only about 5 weeks pregnant it is normal not to have any symptoms and light spotting can be normal. I have had 4 pregnancies, two with spotting, one lost to miscarriage. First two were normal with no spotting. 3rd I had spotting at about 8 weeks (no pregnancy symptoms). I went to the doctor, they confirmed the pregnancy with ultra sound, but I only measured 5 weeks gestation. This early they told me there wasn't much I could do. Get extra rest and most likely it was implantation bleeding. I started bleeding hard later that night and lost the baby (it most likely died around 5 weeks). 4th pregnancy I had spotting around 6 weeks, I went into the doctor, the ultra sound measured 6 weeks as expected. They told me about the same thing, Get rest and it is probably normal. This pregnancy continued without any problems. Good luck and I hope everything goes well!



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Dear M.,

First, every pregnancy is different. Having said that, you are doing the right thing by checking with your OB. Usually, with a miscarriage, there is that bloating/cramping feeling and general pelvic discomfort that gradually increases. At least, that was my experience. (had 2) along with lots of clots.

Best thing to do is stay off of your feet....bedrest until you can check with your physician.

Hope this helps,



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When my husband and i were trying for a baby I had had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (at the time unknown) and I experienced a chemical pregnancy. I had the sore boobs and nausea and took several pregnancy tests over several days and they all came out positive. By the time a visited the doctor their pregnancy testw as negative and I started spotting by the end of the day and them bleeding bright red like a full period. After doing some research I discovered chemical pregnancies where your body very early on detects fertilization and the beginning of implantation but then for whatver reason your body lacks the hormones and chemicals to keep it. I was heartbroken and we stopped trying for a year. When we were ready to give it a go again It took 6 months of irregular cycles and no baby to get me to the doctor where I discovered I had Hashimoto's. The month I started taking a synthetic hormone I conceived and now I have a 6 month old boy and a 4 year old daughter.
I deeply hope there is nothing wrong and there very well may not be but if your thyroid meds are not fine tuned yet this could a very difficult and sad side effect. On the other hand I know women spot to the point where they think they got a light period and they indeed were pregnant. You will not know until you have blood work done to test the HcG levels. They multiply very rapidly when you are pregnant and if you are not or if you lost it the levels are very low to none at all. Hang in there and know that it will happen when things are right. You may need to take some time to figure out your body and hormones and what you can do to make sure you can support a pregnancy. I am keeping my fingers crossed that there is no problem and you are indeed expecting!!!! Please keep us posted and know there is always someone to talk to!



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my niece is currently going through this same thing. She too had elevated thyroid levels (which did not require medication) but she is pregnant. My daughter-in-law experienced bleeding throughout her pregnancies as well - with no other side effects to her or her babies. Of course each person is unique and you want to check with your ob/gyn. My niece has visited the ER and they told her that she needs to just wait - (no help) that she could be losing the baby or it could be implantation???? Just a couple of examples of when bleeding has not been a sign of miscarriage - hope this offers some encouragement



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Hi M.!

I know this is a scary time. I had a miscarriage between my oldest son and my younger son. At first it was a pinkish discharge in the afternoon, by the night it was bleeding when I wiped. The next morning I went in and had an ultra sound done. That afternoon I had learned that the baby was gone and I was having a miscarriage. We were going to schedule a D and C, but, that night I started bleeding heavly and then started cramping. It was awful to know that it was happening. This is my experience with miscarriage.
With my little girl I bled a full period right at the beginning of my pregnancy. I thought that it was my last one so when I went to the doctor and they did an Ultra Sound for dating I found out I was almosst 4 weeks off with my dating. I had had a full period during my first month of pregnancy.
It could go wither way at this point. Some women bleed all through their pregnancy. I would relax until you can see the OB. If you start to feel cramping or you really start bleeding then I would go to the ER. This way you can be sure and make sure everything is ok.

Good Luck to you!



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It depends on the color. If its brownish, and just on the paper, its possibly just left over from last month. This happened to me on my last pregnancy. I spotted like this for the first 3m.

If it is a brighter red, or has some clotting in it or is reaching the water, not just on the paper something could be going on and you should be seen just to get checked out.


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