Am I Gonna Give Birth Soon???

Updated on October 23, 2009
S.G. asks from Santa Rosa, CA
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This is probably so silly to some that I am even needing to send out a request for this; but I don't really care at this point. I just need some kind of encouragement. It helps ya know?! ;)
Anyway, i'm 38 1/2 weeks pregnant with my second child. Our first was born right at this time two years ago. I know that every child and every pregnancy is different. I have MANY nieces and nephews and friends that have experienced pregnancy into birth and have witnessed many different scenarios.
I just keep feeling like it's gonna be any day. I know my body really well and always knew that my daughter was coming early, and she did. When mostly everybody else told me that was probably not going to be the case. Even when I was in labor nobody believed me because I don't really complain and make noises when i'm in pain. So they sent me home dilated at two; when I then dilated from that 2 to a 10 in only two hours. I told everyone that it was happening fast and they didn't believe me.
So here I am, at my wits end. REALLY wanting to meet my baby, (we don't know the sex yet), and yearning to have my body and energy and patience back. I am enjoying this one on one time with our daugher though, I must say.
A few days ago I felt like I literally just had NOTHING left, energy wise, and the day before yesterday I woke up with SO MUCH ENERGY that it was insane! I was cleaning like a madwoman! I just couldn't stop. I kept saying that it'd felt like i'd had too much coffee, and I hadn't had any! Even when I felt like I should maybe lay down I just couldn't. I didn't want to stop. I wish I felt like that every day! lol
Also, I had 5 bowel movements that day!
Yesterday I had good energy, just not quite as obsessed about it. Only one bowel movement. (With my daughter it seemed like I couldn't stop pooping; though I was eating taco bell nightly with her, sometimes twice a day).
And today I feel good. So I guess my question is how long does "nesting" last and typically how long before the "birth day" does it usually occur??
I guess I just need a little feedback. Call me obsessed, I don't give a damn, LOL! I just love this website for all the fellow mommy feedback. It makes me feel like i'm not going crazy. ;)
lots of love,
S. :)

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So What Happened?

Welp, I officially gave birth to our second beautiful baby girl, at home, (with the help of our talented midwife), half a week later when I was exactly 39 weeks! I KNEW she was coming. I was getting discharge like CRAZY! I couldn't go to the bathroom without having to change my wet underwear; then my friend gave me the brilliant idea to wear a panti-liner...DUH! Anyway that was the day I gave birth. ;) My water broke that night. I felt this wierd "kick", that didn't end up being a kick at all. It was a "pop"; cause following that pop was a gush of fluid! I had been getting little contractions. But I was getting contractions all the time, so it didn't feel like any big deal. They did have more of a "pressure" that came along with them though. ...After my water broke you'd think i'd have gotten all excited seeing how anxious I was; but I didn't really believe it was happening. Until about an hour later when my contractions were getting stronger and closer together. I kept saying, "I feel bad, I don't know if everyone (midwives and my mom) should come yet; I feel like i'm wasting everyone's time." My sis-in-law kept saying, "S., you need to lay down! This baby is coming!" ...I was folding laundry! Thennnnn....about 4 hours later, my body decided to finally dilate from a 4 to birth of the baby in one hour! Talk about intense!
Thank you, everyone for all your encouraging words. I did realize that it was just a waiting game and to enjoy every second. I just needed.....i don't know....i just "needed"! lol So thank you, again.

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answers from San Francisco on

Sounds to me like you're getting close, Mom! My nesting instinct was spread out over about 2 weeks. I also had the more frequent bowel movements in the few days before I went into labor. Hang in there and GOOD LUCK!

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answers from Fresno on

Well, you won't be pregnant forever, even though it feels like it now! =) My first was 2 weeks early, and so I just KNEW my second would be early too... that darned baby came ON HER DUE DATE! I thought the waiting would never end! I was sure I'd never see my feet again! But eventually she came, right on time, making a far more graceful entrance into the world than her sister had. Don't worry - try and enjoy these last few days of being the Mommy of One (plus daddy =)! get your scrapbooking done or iron all your burp cloths or whatever else you're not going to have time for once your baby arrives!



answers from Redding on

Dear S.,
I know how hard it is to wait. With my first baby, all I did was cry for the last week. I told my mom, "I'm probably not even pregnant...I just have a huge tumor and nobody wants to tell me." Looking back, it's funny, but I really was miserable at the time. I was so tired of being pregnant, I felt like I was the size of a house. I definitely had the nesting thing, I was like a human tornado. Everyone said it meant my baby was coming. I guess I took them literally because the days still ticked by. You know what's funny? When I did go into labor, I basically refused to go to the hospital. I'd been in labor all day, my contractions were less than 3 minutes apart, my hospital was an hour away and finally my mom literally dragged me to the car and took me.
My daughter was due on November 1, she was born in the early hours the morning of October 30 and I was home the next day with my bunny ears on passing out Halloween candy. I felt great! I was so apologetic for being such a grouch. And, I felt so bad for my sister years later when she was pregnant with my nephew...that kid was 10 days late.
Just hang in there. Your body knows what it's doing and please be sure to let us know when the baby arrives. All the waiting is so worth it.

Best wishes!



answers from Yuba City on

I don't know how long the nesting lasts, I wish I still had that and my youngest are almost 2. But your humor is important for your sanity and you have lots of it left. Relax, it will happen. Don't drive everyone else nuts and don't allow yourself to go crazy. I would make up stories about how I was going to be pregnant forever (my last pregnancy was twins and I swore it would never end, but it did, eventually...LOL!) Take care, thanks for the laugh, and congrats on the new baby!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi S.,
I am a Doula, and have had three children of my own, so I know how you feel. If you went early three years ago, it's very possible that you'll go even earlier this time. (but probably only a few days, not weeks) But if your other child was a girl, and this ones a boy, boys usually wait a little longer. Honestly, no one can say. Labor is so different, and no one can tell you when it will or won't happen. Sounds like your body and mind are getting good and ready for your baby to come..... and will most likely come in the next week. I wouldn't do anything to rush the process unless your over 41 weeks. I know your getting anxious, but your baby will be here before you know it, and you won't ever remember life without him/her. :-) Good luck to you! Let us know when you ended up going into labor!

W. Sanders



answers from Sacramento on

Unfortunately, there's no way to predict. I went almost 2 weeks overdue with our first and delivered several days early with our second. With our first, I was certain he was coming early he was so heavy and active (surely he must be done!) and I was very, very wrong.

Enjoy your one-on-one time with your daughter and get as much rest as you can.

Best wishes!



answers from Stockton on

There's a full moon on Nov. 2nd - a lot of babies are born during a full moon! Pack your bag, make sure the car seat is installed correctly and then come help me clean my house to keep your mind occupied. ;)
I'm due Thanksgiving.
good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Your baby will come at its own time. Just go with it. Rest when you can, nest (in moderation) and enjoy the feeling. Just make sure you have everything you need to go to the hospital, phone numbers, etc. AND Happy PUSHING!



answers from Redding on

It sounds to me like you have had the nesting time already and you are a bit nervous about all that is about to come (subconsiously). Try doing some relaxation techniques to relax your self. Best of luck to you and your new bundle of Joy!



answers from Minneapolis on

Hehehehehe, you are in the throws of nutty nesting! I had someone tell me to go sweep while I was in that feeling and that it would "help"... I did it, but have no idea if it helped :)

It sounds like you are getting close and your body is getting all prepped up for it. I'm sure the anxiousness is getting to you. My mom always said that once you relax and get calm, then things will happen... again, who knows! :)

Good luck to you.



answers from San Francisco on

You sound like me three years ago. My second baby boy came two weeks late and eight pounds. Remember the higher power is in charge here and has a reason for keeping your baby in your womb. Do as much walking as you can put don't over do yourself with lefting and squatting.. S., Skipolini's has a pizza called Prego and alot of woman have said after eating this pizza have gone into labor soon after.. In my case it two days after eating this pizza. LOL. Good luck..

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