Am I Feeding My 11 Month Old Too Much?

Updated on January 06, 2009
M.F. asks from West Monroe, LA
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My little girl will be 11 months on Jan 7th and I just recently weaned her from breast feeding. We're in the process of getting her on mostly table foods and eventually milk instead of formula. Since she was born she has never told us when she's full. I use to have to time her breast feeding sessions b/c she would eat and eat! She does the same with solid food. She'll eat whatever, whenever and keep going until you make her stop!

Since she started bottles I'm concerned that she may be eating too much b/c her little tummy looks noticeably full. This is her typical schedule now:

7-7:30 am wake 6oz bottle
8:30 1/4 cup baby cereal (dry) w/fruit
9:30-10:30 nap
10:30 1/3 cup yogurt w/fruit
12:30 6 oz bottle
1:45 1/2 of a 6 oz jar of gerber meals (turkey dinner etc) and veggie
2-3:30 nap
4:00 1/4 cottage cheese w/fruit
5:30 6 oz bottle
7:00 1/2 of a 6 oz jar of gerber meals (turkey dinner etc) and veggie
7:30 bedtime

Any thoughts? She's not too chubby, but I'd say she's healthy.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your responses. You guys have really put my mind at ease which is great because I'm a huge worrier. At 10 mon she was 20 lbs 8 oz and 26 3/4 in. She stays in about the 50-75th percentile for both height and weight. She's definately not fat. I guess I just worry b/c my husband and I both have to try very hard to stay at a healthy weight and I don't want her to have the same struggles that I had. We work really hard at giving her healthy food. At her age my mom was giving me ice cream!! :( Thanks again!!

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answers from Little Rock on

I don't think you are feeding her too much. I have an 11 month old as well and she eats about the same but I am still breastfeeding so I don't know how much milk she gets. But if you don't already she should be getting at least 4 oz of 100% fruit juice every day. Hope this helps.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

That sounds about right to me. Just keep an eye on her weight. It sounds like you are feeding healthy foods so I don't see a problem. You will increase as she grows so keep up the good work.



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how much does she weigh?
if i'm reading right shes eating 3-6oz bottles, one big jar of baby food and about a cup of food b/t her breakfast and snacks. it sounds like she has a good appetite so as long as she doesnt weight too much then its probably fine



answers from Pine Bluff on

I tend to follow what says for my kids. I used it with my now 3.5 yr old and I use it now with my 7 month old. I looked it up for you and here is what it says for 10-12 months:
What to feed
• Breast milk or formula PLUS
• Soft pasteurized cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese (but no cows' milk until age 1)
• Iron-fortified cereals (rice, barley, wheat, oats, mixed cereals)
• Fruit cut into cubes or strips, or mashed
• Bite-size, soft-cooked vegetables (peas, carrots)
• Combo foods (macaroni and cheese, casseroles)
• Protein (egg; pureed or finely ground meats, poultry, and boneless fish; tofu; well-cooked and mashed beans)
• Finger foods (lightly toasted bread or bagels, small pieces of ripe banana, spiral pasta, teething crackers, low-sugar O-shaped cereal)
• Non-citrus juice
How much per day
• 1/3 cup dairy (or ½ oz. cheese)
• ¼ to ½ cup iron-fortified cereal
• ¼ to ½ cup fruit
• ¼ to ½ cup vegetables
• 1/8 to ¼ cup combo foods
• 1/8 to ¼ cup protein foods
• 3 to 4 oz. non-citrus juices

hope that helps!



answers from Texarkana on

Is she large or tall for her age?? Maybe she's just really growing right now. I have tall kids (I'm not!) and when they are 'growth spurting', I can't keep them fed!! When they're not growth spurting, they hardly eat. I think she'll be fine. Unless you think she's becoming obese, I would just feed her and try to stay away from anything with msg (in any form--google it) it causes obesity.
Also, any artificial anything, colorings, pesticides (which are endocrine disrupters) etc. Other than that, I say just feed her!



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When you take her in for her 12 month check up, ask the doctor what her percentiles for weight and height are. If they are normal and consistent with how you and your husband are (i.e. if you are both small in stature she will likely be at the low end of the percentiles) then she is doing fine. Tell your doctor what you are feeding her. She could be starting some table food at a year, mashed or in small pieces, if your doctor OK's it. It sounds as if you and she are doing fine!



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Sounds fine if she's not complaining and doesn't want more. My guy was a bigger eater than this at 11 months he was having 8 oz bottles 3 to 4 per day and eating 1 jar of baby food and cereal or an egg in the am. 2 jars at lunch 2 at dinner and cereal and formula at bedtime. He is 9 years old and is actually alittle underweight for his age now. We allow him to eat when he is hungry and offer good choices. We don't force a time schedule and we don't make hinm eat when he isn't hungry. But we allow him to eat all he wants when he does eat. Good luck



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Many mothers don't realize this, but an active child even at that age requires a minimum of 1100 good calories a day. If you add it up, that's a LOT of food. My grandbaby whom I am raising has an caloric intake of about 1600 calories a day and is absolutely properly proportioned. Sometimes she eats less sometimes more. She is 20 months now but at that age, looked chubby. Very normal. Do not be afraid to feed her but keep her active. Yes, I am VERY tired from play as I'm not young anymore. At 43, I should be enjoying life outside the home, but would not trade it for the world. My little sweetheart stopped the bottle at a year except at bedtime which is more comfort than requirement. I just exchanged milk for juice. I wouldn't consider feeding her junk food, but on occasion it is a treat to go to a local fast food place. The more active the child the more caloric intake is required.

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