Am I Being Given Too Much Work?

Updated on May 11, 2008
E.H. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I have finally gotten into working again. Yayyy! My job was simple yet kept me busy all day and I was able to end the day with everything done and being able to help with filing. Not I feel like more and more is being put on my table. I am rarely ever able to keep everything done. It is rather upsetting because I dont want to not have everything done. I leave work knowing I am not caught up and it bothers me because I let myself down and I know I let the company down. The job started out putting in insurance claims....confirming appointments and filing paperwork. Again that would take up my day now I have been given 2 other tasks (verifying insurance eligibility and checking up on old claims that were way behind on being checked) which both take up some time. I dont mind doing everything I am given and doing each thing individually is not a problem because they arent hard. But I am finding it hard to get all of it done every day. I would like to be able to leave work with everything done. I love my job but am having a hard time finding a way to get everything done. I dont know what I am asking really. So anything you guys feel like answering please answer or write me a personal message.

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answers from Dallas on

Such is life my friend. I think office jobs where you can actually call your work done at the end of the day are few and far between. You will probably either need to resign yourself to carryover work on a daily basis or you'll need to find another job. I don't think any employer will say you are being given too much work, particularly if they are not requiring you to stay late to get it finished each day. When I worked in an office, keeping a running to do check list was the best way for me to keep track of what needed to be done and what was already done. There was rarely a day when the checklist was empty by the end of the day.

Whenever you start out in a new job, your workload is usually lighter and you are given more responsibility as you master each task that is given to you. You can probably consider it a compliment that they feel you are ready to take on more work. Now, if they think you are not fast enough and that you should be getting more work done in a day, they will probably let you know that and you will have to find a way to speed your processes up if you want to keep your job. But more than likely, they expect that you will not finish everything every day and that as long as you are working efficiently and effectively, you are doing a good job.

You'll just need to put aside your "need" to get everything done every day. Surely you don't expect to get everything done at home every day, do you? Is your house spotless before you go to bed each night? Is every piece of clothing laundered and neatly hanging in a closet or folded in a dresser? Is every dish washed and in the cupboard? Is every trash bin empty and fresh and ready for tomorrow's trash? I'm guessing not. The same usually goes for work. :-)

Good luck!

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I think it is normal not to finish all your tasks in the same day, but figure out which are highest priority and make sure to get those done. If you are not sure, ask your boss. I worked in an office with several bosses and each one gave me tasks. I would sometimes have too much to do and I would have to ask which job was most important and then let the others know I couldn't get to their tasks and if that was a problem. Sometimes they would pass the task onto someone else. It's not a bad thing to have some tasks not finished in one day, unless your boss is really being unreasonable and demanding. If you love your job, then I think you will find over time you will get quicker and finish even though right now it seems like too much.



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If I were you, I would just call it "job security"
Good luck and don't stress the small stuff! :)



answers from Amarillo on

The days of being able to get everything done is gone. To keep costs down, many employers are cutting staff and redirecting the workload to the people who are left. You may be doing the work of one or two other people that used to be there. As one person said, "get over it" it don't work that way. Yes, get the "to do" list out and check them off.

My job started out with hardly anything to do and it was hard to sit and doing nothing and look busy. It now has increased to the point that I now have enough work to do all week not just one day's worth of work for a whole week to do. The perfectionist is nice but you will drive yourself crazy if you keep this up. As long as they are not riding you about not having it done don't worry. Just do the best you can and let the rest go to tomorrow.

Right now, be happy you have a job. Just think of how many are looking and are not employed count your blessings.



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You need to get yourself a nice looking "inbox" and stack whatever you can't finish when it is time to go in there. I also bought a weekly calandar that has plenty of space to write in each day. That way, when something comes up that you can't finish that day, you can write it on your calandar for the following day.

Every time you are given a new task, I would ask for a deadline and a priority. Say, how fast do you need this done? or what priority is this? Organize your office in such a way that you've got the most important tasks on top of your inbox. Also, be sure you get a deadline. They may drop it on your desk on Monday, so you want to get it done monday, but it may be something that can wait until Friday.

Anyway, good luck, and keep at it. This is normal. I often leave work behind me at the end of the day. I can leave feeling satisfied as long as I know that I've met my deadlines and took care of the top priorities.



answers from Dallas on

I would double check my job description.
I would ask when things changed.
I would ask what extra pay will I be getting for more work and more responability, since more has been added to my work load.
I would ask if someone had been fired or had quit.
Because things are definately different than when I left, and I woul just like to know why.
Are you being take advantage of because you don't complain. Are you picking up the slack for someone else that doesn't do a good job, because you do do a good job. Instead of making them do all their work and deal with them they shunt some of it to you, because you are a good worker and never complain?
I would definatly, respectfully question when these changes have occurred. and what compensation you can expect for doing more, or for having your job redesigned. did you miss any required or helpful training to help you accomplish your job better?
I would be very suspicious that you are being taken advantage of and if it were me i would like to know why.
if they think that you are that good of an employee that they see fit to give you more work, because you do such a good job and are so efficient, then they can show their appreciation with a pay raise also!!!!!



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I used to be the same way but finally had that reality check and accepted the fact that there would be work waiting on me in the morning. Look at it this way, job security. As long as you are doing a good job, getting work done, and such you are not letting your employer down. Welcome to the real world of working for a living.

J. S.



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Holy cow, if I had to stay at work until I got everything done, I would NEVER LEAVE! :) It's ok to leave stuff at work; you need to keep perspective! My company has a God First, Family Second, Career Third mentality. When I was out sick for a week, my boss told me "no worries, it'll be here when you get back." When I was out 2 weeks for emergency surgery, again, she said, "no worries, it'll be here when you get back."

If the $h!t hits the fan and half the my stuff doesn't get done because of some emergency, then so be it. I'm not going to work myself into an early grave. I work to live, not live to work!

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