Am I Allergic to My Earings?

Updated on September 07, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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I have lots of different types of earings, but most of them are cheap walmart/Khols ones and I'm not sure what each is made of. When I wear my white gold earings they don't bother me but if I wear my others for more than an hour or so, they kind of hurt/itch and I have to take them out. I don't wear earings very often b/c of this. Anyone know what might be bugging me?

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answers from Johnstown on

Yes, I can't wear anything with a high nickel content and am pretty much limited to nothing less than 18 K gold.

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answers from Portland on

An allergy to nickel is pretty common, and that's usually the problem with less expensive earrings. There are several solutions, including going to a bead shop, craft store, or online for some surgical steel wires (or gold or silver) to switch out for the coated metal cheapies. It's fairly easy to do this with needle-nose pliers on most pierced styles. If you talk to someone at a bead shop, they'll probably give you the basic how-to's if you need it.

I've heard of people using clear nail polish on the wires, too, but I'd guess that's a less reliable fix, and probably has to be redone occasionally.

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answers from New York on

Try surgical steel even if you can't do gold or silver. You could also try gold or silver plated and see if you react. If you have a bad allergy ask for 1 nice gold or silver pair for a birthday/holiday. I love jewelery but I wear a few favorite pairs of earrings most of the time. My mom has one pair of gold hoops she wore all the time, for like a month or more straight when I was a kid.

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answers from Eugene on

It is a metal allergy. It would start an infection if you didn't take them out. I can't wear anything but gold or silver with all my jewelry. I have to paint clear nail polish on the back of my watches. Ear rings are especially a problem because they go through our ears. It saves anyone from trying to buy you the cheap stuff. Silver at Kohl can be good price Christmas Black Friday.

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answers from Rochester on

I can only wear earrings that are sterling silver or gold. I always feel bad because people will get me "sensitive/nickel free" earrings, but my ears get infected or itchy and swollen. Get rid of your cheap ones--you can get cute sterling silver at Wal Mart and they are not that expensive. You can also make sure to soak them in alcohol periodically and dab some antibiotic ointment on your earlobes and the posts before you put them in. That helps me a lot and I just leave studs in my second holes to keep them from closing on me.

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answers from Provo on

I asked something similar pretty much we get to wear expensive gold or platinum earings yay and nay!
*I was able to do the clear nail polish trick before my pregnancy, then all of a sudden I couldn't. You could give it a try. Just everytime you wear the earings you have to clean the old off and reapply a new coat.

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answers from Savannah on

Sounds like nickel allergy. My daughter has this and sometimes she can't wear earrings for a month if we don't catch it soon enough!!! Anything that touches her skin will make her rash out like a necklace on her neck, bracelet where it touches for a long period of time, even the button to blue jeans will give her a round rashy spot on her belly!

Look for jewelry that says nickel free. My daughter CAN'T even wear Claire's that say sensitive either. I don't mess with Walmart's stuff unless it says surgical steal because their stuff is so cheap.

It has to be totally nickel free. I've found that Premier Jewelry ( a home party biz) and Avon are nickel free.

Hope this helps!!

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answers from Portland on

Yes, it's a metal allergy. I have the same thing happen to me. I have found that I can wear the stainless steel and the ones labeled for sensitive ears and nickel free. I had a pair of studs labeled for sensitive ears and I wore them 24/7 without difficulty. They had a notch on the wire so that the back didn't slide off. Lost one and can't find a replacement.:( So I've gone to wearing more of the others. Some irritate my ears only if I wear them overnight. Others don't irritate my ears at all but I rarely wear a pair for longer than a couple of days anyway because they come out.

I definitely cannot wear the cheap nickle ones. And I stay away from those whose wired are cheap looking even when they say nickle free. They usually irritate my skin.



answers from Detroit on

You should try sterling silver earrings and dip them in neosporin or polysporin before you put them in to act as a buffer. I can't wear any that have nickle in them, only gold, silver or stainless steel. Good luck.


answers from Lake Charles on

their cheap. i have the same problem. most of the earrings i wear are from walmart. thier fake silver and they break my ears out bad.but i cant afford real silver or gold so i have to deal with it. They have even turned my ears green!! i know gross. so yea u can be allergic 2 ur earrings.



answers from Sacramento on

Switch to 14k gold+ posts and you'll be fine. I had my ear lobes ooze and I'd get swollen glands as a kid when I'd try to wear costume jewelry. It got so bad my mom had to take me to the doctor and that's when I learned I could only wear gold posts. It severely limits the styles you can wear, but you won't have problems anymore.

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