Alzheimers "Good Morning Book"

Updated on January 16, 2007
A.G. asks from Sauk Rapids, MN
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My Grandfather was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dymansia about a year ago and is starting to slowly lose reality. I’m in the process of making him a “Good Morning” book. It’s a book with a title page explaining what he has and each page explains something to him. This is your wife of 60 years Audrey… these are your sons… these are your grandchildren. Has anyone else seen or made one of these? I’m at a loss as to how to make medically/memory stimulating. I’m making the pages with very little “extra stuff” I don’t want his mind to get to over stimulated. Any ideas especially from any medical professionals would be GREAT. Thanks A.

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what a wonderful idea, it reminds me of the movie
"the notebook" sounds like you have some great ideas, keep it to the basics and good luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

This is a fantastic idea! I work in a long-term care setting & we work with Alzheimer's residents in a part of our care center. One of my good work friends works primarily with folks with Alzheimer's & dementia.

I second the advice of keeping it very simple. Names, relationships, etc. Most people with Alzheimer's have a decent grasp on the far past, but not the present - maybe an older photo paired with a newer photo of his wife (he'd remember what she looked like years ago, but maybe not right now). Photos of times or possessions that were important to him - a car he loved, a house he would remember, etc.

Our Alzheimer's unit at work has locked "memory boxes" outside each resident room that families can fill with items that are meaningful to the resident so they'll remember which room is theirs. Maybe you can do something similar in book form so he can get some comfort from it.

What a great idea...
mom to Chase (3)



answers from Minneapolis on

HI A.!
I don't have much advice but wanted to give you some serious kudos for doing this. What a thoughtful and very special gift. I've seen the memory boxes one of the other moms was talkng about and they are very cool. :)



answers from Minneapolis on

I am ascrapbooker and just came across a website that caters to caregivers of alzheimer patients. Its called I think they offer workshops and information about doing scrapbooks for patients. Hopefully they will be able to help you get some answers.
Good luckKari H



answers from Minneapolis on

I think this is a great idea. Keep it as simple as you can, with very simple words and focus on pitures so that he can use it for a long time as things progress. This is a terrible disease and I am sorry for the pain that it causes you and your family!

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