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Updated on August 10, 2010
L.L. asks from Bronx, NY
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Can someone tell me why Im i always so tired .I feel like i am getting sleep but sometime in the daytime i get so tired . my energy level is very very low it does not take a lot to ware me out. I am 42 yrs old i have a 5,8,14,16,18,20,21 yr old that lives at home I have a husband of 21 yrs.I know that sometime I have a lot of things on my miine, but it seems like when i at home i dont get that tired but when i get in my car and be driving thats when the sleep hits me is this normal? or do i have a sleep disorder that causes me to be so tired? Please someone help me I need a doctor or something. I tired of being tired. Its like if im sleeping at home its something i should be doing. instead of sleeping this is crazy right?

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answers from New York on

I imagine living in that busy a household is pretty exhausting. I have a toddler and a preschooler and feel like I am always tired but I don't get as much sleep as I really need. I also feel it more when I am in a car or driving more than a few minutes. If you are getting enough sleep then the next logical step is getting a full physical with blood work. A lot of medical problems have tiredness as a symptom (thyroid problems and anemia come to mind but I imagine there are lot of others). You could also try taking a good multivitamin in the meantime.

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answers from Pocatello on

Have you had your thyroid checked? When my thyroid levels were low I got REALLY tired. Now that they are stabilized I feel like myself again. Having so many kids at home can make a Mama tired but the older ones do help with the younger ones. I have 4 kiddo's (13, 11, 9, and 4 - all boys) and its not bad when my body is working the way its supposed to be. Might be something to look into, its just a simple blood test.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

7 kids? I'd be in a coma most of the time!

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answers from Boise on

Are you getting sleepy and tired after a meal? that could be a sign of blood sugar issues.
Also thyroid issues will cause it. A lot of pleople have thyroid issues and it doesn't register on the test, unless you are REALLY bad, You could have thyroid issues and it register normal. Iodine can help support your thyroid. Take 3-5 drops of lugol's iodine in a glass of water a day. There is an iodine support group on yahoo groups that can help you figure out your needed dose and if any detox symptoms arise, what to do about it.

The adrenal gland is in control of putting out many steriod hormones (like cortisol) that - if they are low- will cause chronic fatigue. The adrenal gland feeds hormones to the thyroid, so sometimes it is actually the adrenal gland that needs the help! and not necessarily the thyroid.

There is a book out called "from fatigue to fantastic" written by a doctor, he claims that ribose can help. He has a product called "corvalen M"(malic acid, magnesium and ribose) and also a product called "Stress end" (for adrenal support.) you can try these and see if it helps.

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answers from Chicago on

You have 7 kids?! That would wear ANYONE out! :) I would see your doctor and get some bloodwork done. Have them check your thyroid. Low energy/ being tired is a sign of hypothyroidism. Also, check your diet. Are you eating lots of fruits and vegetables? Or mostly processed "fast" food?

Good luck!
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answers from New York on

Honestly...I'm tired and I only have 2 kids!! God Bless You!! I knew someone who started to carpool because she would drive to work and fall asleep while driving. She felt that since she got the chance to actually get off her feet and sit down, her body was relaxed and she would doze off. I have an ex-sister in law who would be talking to us or eating one minute and be nodding off a few seconds later, she said she had a condition the doc diagnosed her with it started with an "n" narca-----(it's on the tip of my tongue). DEfinately see a doc.

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answers from Dallas on

With 7 kiddos at home, is it possible that the only time you get to sit down is in your car? I have 4 little kiddos and I naturally only slept 3 or 4 hours a night for years until it caught up with me and I had to change my lifestyle to fit in at least 6 hours. My house is a whole lot messier but I feel tons better.

There are many reasons you could be tired. They run the gamut from adrenal shut down to sleep apnea, poor diet, lack of exercise, nearing the hormonal changes that go with menopause, even scary things like crones disease or lupus.... But only your doctor can tell for sure so you do need to get a physical and some blood work done.

Until you can get to the doctor, do you have the ability to take a mini-vacation for a whole day/night? I have a friend who always seems to be up on the latest new age health fads and her latest kick is sleep therapy. She recommended I take a 24 hour sleep vacation and get a babysitter so I could lay in bed for one whole day/night.... That just isn't possible for me although it sounds heavenly. She showed me some pretty cool studies that show your body is able to hit the magic reset button when you get to about 15 hours of sleep where your nervous system can regulate out of whack hormones and brain chemicals to natural levels.....

But again, your doctor will be able to test you for whatever is causing your fatigue.


answers from Dover on

Start taking a good vitamin, like Oligo. Get some exercise. These things can really help.

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