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Updated on June 27, 2012
A.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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In the last 2 months, my 16month old has had:

Hand Foot Mouth - (not a really bad case of it)
Stomach Virus - (ended up in hospital 2 days because of dehydration)

Croup - (ER & got one dose of steroids)
followed by high fever for 5 days (either from the croup or another virus which ended up causing an:
Ear Infection

She is underweight and these sicknesses are not helping!

Am I doing something wrong? do other 16 month old kids get sick this often??

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answers from Norfolk on

When my sister and I started school (we stayed home until then), we got sick with just about everything that was going around, then settled down to one or two colds a year.
My son started day care at 3 months old and for the first 2 years he came down with everything that was going around, then settled down to one or two colds a year.
My theory is: it takes roughly 2 years of getting sick a whole lot before the immune system has been programmed well enough to fight off most bugs.
We ate healthy, did probiotics and vitamins and it made no difference.
Just hang in there.
It will get better sooner or later.

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answers from New York on

depends on the childs circumstances and surroundings. daycare kids, and sickly kids tend to get sick more often. The good news is, she should be in better shape when she gets to pre-k, because by that point her immune system will have been there done that.

good luck to you and yours,
F. B.

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answers from Phoenix on

They either go through it when they're babies/little or when they go to school. There's really no way around it. The degree to which kids get sick is dependent on the kid.

DD was sick a lot on daycare as a little one, but she didn't miss any school during Kindergarten at all. Their immune systems have to get strong & it will get better. I hope you are not over sterilizing your house. That could be an issue, too.

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answers from Denver on

the first 2 years of my kids lives they seemed to have one thing or another. ear infections, sinus infections, HF&M, tummy bugs, fevers etc. Now they are older and its been a really good year even with my son being in school. There was a massive tummy bug that took out a lot of his bball team and he didnt get it, neither did sissy!

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answers from Houston on

My kids are 6 and 4 and have never really been sick, aside from a short cold that lasted a few days one year. But then again, I never had them in daycare or anything. Some children tend to either get exposed more frequently to other sicknesses or have weaker immune systems, so once they are sick, they pick something else up when their system is down. Poor baby, I hope she has a better year! Make sure she is getting plenty of vitamin c and that the house gets disinfected regularly, especially during times when she is sick.



answers from Madison on

If she's taking pharma drugs and/or has been taking antibiotics, the good flora in her gut will have been diminished, if not depleted. Give her a good probiotic (Florajen3 is good; the capsules can be opened and put into food or even liquid, I believe) to help build her good gut flora back up, and she should start having fewer sicknesses.

And yes, young children do get sick quite often because their little bodies are building up their immune systems, and the best way for them to do this is by contacting the diseases/illnesses/sicknesses so the body can manufacture the antibodies naturally. However, she doesn't need to get one sickness on top of another. Help her shore up her immune system with the probiotic. It should help.



answers from Washington DC on

Have you cleaned your house with Lysol? Kitchen, bathroom, tub, toilets, doornobs, etc? Washed all of the bedding in bleach?

It does make sense that these things would be together as one usually feeds off of a down immune system.



answers from New London on

My kids were sick when they were little, too. I washed their hands after the grocery store, etc. I never used anti-bacterial products or hand-sanitizers after a nurse warned me about them !

What about making a high calorie (healthy) smoothie every day...when she is feeling well? My kids used to love when I juiced fresh watermelon, too ! It was always tricky to get them to eat when they were toddlers...



answers from Savannah on

Allergies and asthma can weaken the immune system. Your child might have one or both of those unknowingly. Or it could be that she was not fully recovered from the first case and her immune system was weakened by that, making her more susceptible to other illnesses. Whatever the case may be, I hope she feels better.


answers from Grand Forks on

It is pretty normal. Usually when you take a child to the doctors office or the ER they manage to pick up something new, so it seems like one thing after another. I remember reading a study that said the more fevers a child has before the age of five, the lower the risk of cancer later in life.



answers from Dallas on

i hope your child feels better now. Is she going to a day care? That does it most of the times. Kids catch all kinds of germs from there.

My kid was always having cough, cold and all variations of it, almost every other day! Took him to a doc, did expensive allergy tests which came positive. But you know what brought him back to normal? 1 month off from the preschool :) With his grandparents! All kids need a break from the preschool once in a while!

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