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Updated on September 12, 2011
T.K. asks from Citrus Heights, CA
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Sick, may not be the best word. I have a husband, a six yr old, and a two yr old. It seems like one or more of us continuously have this cough, runny nose, congestion thing going on. My husband and two yr old have been coughing all summer. Ive taken the two yr old to the doctor, he says its just a cough..... My husband has seen his doctor who says it is allergies....but allergy medicine doesn't seem to help. Im no doctor, but I don't think it's allergies. We do have four small dogs. Could it be pet dander? Should we have our house tested for mold or something? Any insights are helpful.

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answers from Boston on

Try opc3. It's a very powerful antioxidant. Type in opc3 and it will give you all the info on it. It will help with the allergies and keep all of you heathy. There is a kids version too. My entire family is on it.
Hope it helps

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answers from Tampa on

I am sorry, I do not have an answer, but my heart goes out to you. i hope you get it resolved ASAP. Good luck!

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answers from Atlanta on

Air ducts are a good suggestion! Also -how is the air quality in your town? During the dog days here my oldest is always on an inhaler. More likely though -welcome to the world of small children! They are petri dishes! Until I had them, I would get maybe one cold/cough a year, and I used to smoke! Eat lots of fresh foods and take natural vitamins, but I've dubbed these the "snot years." -Mother of a 2 & 5 year old

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answers from Los Angeles on

Several years ago i lived in brand new apartment here in SoCal and my daughter was sick ALL the time for about 9 months. It turned out to be mold. Please have your home checked out, mold can do terrible things to your health.

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answers from Houston on

Have your air ducts cleaned and see if it helps. Its a good thing to do anyways.

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answers from Denver on

i would definitely have your house checked for mold! That can cause all kinds of problems!

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answers from Boston on

Well I would wonder if it is something enviromental in the house?? Have any of you been tested for pet dander allergies? Maybe ask the doc if you can get an allergy test just to rule that out then start one by one eliminating the possible enviromental allergies there are like sensitivity to something in the water if you have a wekk, if there is any water or moisture in the basement/walls.. so on and so on.. that stinks... do you guys take vitamins daily? i know as soon as i miss my vitamins for a week i always hands down get a head cold :( good luck!!

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answers from Yuba City on

You may want to take a look at your immune health. What do you eat? Do you exercise? Do you get enough sleep? Water? Etc. My family has been incredibly healthy since adding Juice Plus+ to our diets. It's 17 servings of fruits and veggies in a capsule or chew form. the USDA recommends 9-13 servings a day but if you are exercising or stressed you should eat more. This helps bridge the gap between what you do eat and what you should eat. If you have 14 mintues, I would recommend watching the informational video at It will tell you all about the product and why you should take it.

It's backed by Dr. Sears, the famous pediatrician and many many other doctors around the world. Children ages 4-26 can get Juice Plus+ for free with a sponsoring adult! Please let me know if you have questions.

[email protected]



answers from Missoula on

I was just reading an article from Dr. Mercola about mold and this sounds like maybe you've got mold somewhere. I would check on that!



answers from Sacramento on

If it is allergies, pet dander could possibly be the culprit. Short of getting rid of your dogs, all I can suggest is frequent baths and brushings for the dogs, as well as more frequent vacuuming of the house. If you have carpets or rugs, you might want to consider changing those out for wood or tile flooring to help keep the pet dander under better control. And it wouldn't hurt to go around your home checking just to be sure you don't have a mold problem anywhere.
Also take good notice of when the problems are worse and if there are any particular plants in bloom. With a little 'sleuthing' you may be able to identify the culprit or culprits that are causing the problems.
Like LuckyMom, I live not too far from you. Fortunately for me, the problems I had before moving to this area have largely disappeared. It seems that my allergy 'triggers' were more prevalent in our old neighborhood, and that we don't have many of them where we now live. I wish you the best in figuring this out. Finding the 'triggers' is half the battle. Once you've figured that out, it's usually easier to figure out what the "cure" might be.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi T.,

I think if there was a problem with mold you would be having a reaction as well. Sounds to me that they have a compromised immune system. It doesn't take much to weaken your system. It could simply be a medication taken in the past that got the body off kilter...or a reaction to a cleaning product. One you system gets off track it doesn't just get back on track with time. You have to fix it.

The best place to start is an absorbable multivitamin/mineral complex. Detoxing the home will help as well. I detoxed my home and my awful allergies, that I had since I was a girl, were gone. Almost overnight. Routine chiropractic care will help too. If you don't get any results from these simple things then you may want to look deeper but most people have great results.

Hope this helps. If your interested I can give you more details. I hate seein anyone suffer with these nuisances!

God bless,



answers from Boston on

Well did your husband see an allergist and get tested? When my sons allergies are not controlled with one med they combine a few different things antihistamines, steroids, etc until they are under control once manageable they reduce it to a daily antihistamine. Sometimes you have to find the right one that works for you. For my youngest it's zyrtec, my oldest clariton, for me allegra d. There is also nonallergic rhinitis where you have the runny stuffy nose and post nasal drip but no known allergies but allergy meds help with that too.


answers from Jacksonville on

What allergy medicine did your husband take? My son took some of the OTC stuff early on with his allergies, and he STILL had them. Didn't do much at all to help. Even the prescription Nasonex didn't do much of anything. But then some of the prescription only meds became available OTC, and his (new) doctor suggested we switch and give one a try. He got much better relief with Zyrtec, as compared to the Alavert he had been taking. After he has used that for a while, it starts to lose effectiveness, and he switches to (also newly OTC) Allegra. He gets pretty decent control with that, too.
The "milder" older meds do pretty much nothing.



answers from Sacramento on

Hi Tifffany-

I live nearby and my family experiences similar cough/ congestions/ runny noses too. The problems generally start (for us) in late summer and go through fall. My daughter and I had good success with Nasonex (sp?) but there are dozens of different meds out there and you have to try several before you get the right one.

When we moved to this area from the Dublin, we began experiencing the problems. Never had them before. When I questioned my doctor, he said, "Welcome to Drip Valley". He said this area is known for allergy related problems.

A few things you might consider trying. First I would begin tracking the symptoms to see if they follow any pattern. Are they worse on days you spent playing outdoors? Did your symptoms get better while you were out of town for the weekend? There are websites that will tell you what is blooming in your particular area.

I would try a Nettie Pot. It rinses your sinuses and gets out the irritants. You can buy them at any pharmacy and once you're used to the sensation, it helps a lot. Our Dr also recommended showering before bedtime. It gets any allergens off your body so you sleep better. Also the steam helps loosen up the gunk in your sinuses.

I would also go back to the Dr. They have ways of telling if its due to a cold or allergies. Something about the color of the tissue inside the nose and around the eyes.

Good luck to you and your family.


answers from Dallas on

You may also want to check for radon gas.
NutriFeron from Shaklee is a great immune system builder if it is allergies.



answers from Phoenix on

Alarm bells are ringing in my head --- get tested for mold! My sister and her family moved into a house in another state (Georgia) and were always sick/congested. She chalked it up to the allergies as there're lots of pines (which she's allergic to) in the area. Long story short, they found mold, and it was HORRIBLE right behind the 2yo's bed. They moved out, and are slowly reintroducing their bedding and finding that sleeping in the pack n play makes the baby sick again, things like that.
Another friend's family (baby, 3 other kids) were all sick after helping renovate a friend's moldy house. They didnt sleep there, but mold is awfully potent.

If it were pet dander from your dogs, then the allergy meds should help. If that isn't, I would get tested for mold ASAP. You cannot paint over it, you cannot simply clean it up and have it gone. It is very important to do a very thorough removal by mold experts.


answers from Dallas on

Sounds like allergies to me, but figuring out just what it is can be tough business. If it goes away when winter arrives then I think you can assume it is seasonal. I take vitamins and herbal remedies. The right vitamins will boost everyones immune system and help them to combat the allergies. There are natural antihistamines to help minimize the symptoms.

If it's not allergies, and you are just getting sick and passing it around..... building immunities is still a good idea.


answers from New Orleans on

It might be stuff in the home like dust or dander also. Do the ceiling fans OR A/C filters or vents need to be change??

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