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Updated on March 09, 2016
V.V. asks from Santa Rosa, CA
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Hello Mama's,
This year has been awful for my daughters and I. We keep getting sick. I have a 3 year old in preschool...I know that is one reason, but not right. Since January we have had (mostly my 3 year old and I)strept throat twice, ear infection twice and in between stuffy noses and mild cough. We have had some healthy breathing room somewhere in there, but not enough. We eat pretty healthy and get out to excersice often. I'm not sure what to do, it seems never ending.
This also puts so much pressure on the rest of my daily life. I can't do the things I normally do when I'm sick, so I'm constantly re-adjusting my life.
I keeped my daughter out of school for the summer to see if that will help.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Lot's of good responses. Taking Multi-vit's and air purifier I do occassionally, but I never thought that cleaning products would have an impact. I am going to try to take my vitamins everyday and give my girls theirs. I am slowly making the transition to change my cleaning products and health care products. We are also eating more veggies and fruit. So far, we are feeling great. Hope in flows into the winter.
Thanks for your support!

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Hi, You might consider limiting dairy products and refined sugars to see if their health improves. That changed things for the better in my family.

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You and your daughters may want to take daily vitamins to increase your immunity. My family also drinks probiotics and eat ground flax meal. Flax meal has omega-3s, lignans and fiber. Probiotics is just like yogurt but has more 'good for you' bacteria. Another thing is getting an air cleaner. There are so many out there to choose from. Make sure there isn't anything causing the frequent sickness like mold and other allergens.

Right now is the season for the illnesses you just mentioned. My family just got through pink eye and strep too.

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Could be a dairy/animal fat allergy. Try eliminating/replacing dairy for a few weeks if not more. I had to pull my kids off of dairy 5 years ago because of constant colds that lead to ear infections, sore throats, and pink eye constantly. There are great alternatives out there like rice milk and rice based cheeses and such. Soy is not recommended as it has been linked with variouse health issues in both males and females.

Have you tried chiropractic care?

Also do a little research on keeping the body alkali as opposed to an acidic state.

Good luck!



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My son and I have been just like your family. He's going to be two and I have finally got it all out of the house (knock on wood)!!! I started giving my son vitamins (gummies), three of them a day as well as a vitamin drink everyday (Arbonne childrens vitamin punch) My son hasn't had a runny nose, or allergy eyes, or fever, or dry throat or anything in over 2 months. I asked my pediatrician if it was ok to give him more vitamins, and he said of course, keep it up. I also started using the Clorox bleach wipes on everything, toys, door knobs, sinks, toothbrush handles, everything you name it. I even sometimes feel like a crazy mom, instead of just a clean mom. Be patient and work on the immune systems. I have also started giving my son more orange juice (vit. C) throughout the week. We went through about a week of diarehea (geting rid of the bad stuff I'm sure) when I started all this, but after that, he's a new baby!!!! have fun!! Good luck and just be patient!!!



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I know this might sound strange, but our family was just like your's. We were sick all the time with strep, ear infections adn sinus infections. And all I did to change it was to switch cleaning products. I switched to something without all the toxins in them. And it worked. We are very rarely sick now. Even with 4 kids in school.



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I know of some really great vitamens for children. You have to buy them through the phone or online, with a membership or non membership. But they are worth it!!! Try them for 90 days and you can get your money back if they don't work. If you want to hear more about it please email me or call me. I have heard great success stories from them!!!




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We have had the same problem of sickness being passed around the family and little ones not getting better, the problem? Well with ear infections and fevers that little ones get we tend to have to give them tylenol or some other antibiotic, over time that antibiotic strips the body of the good bacteria in the little ones body and it's hard for their immunity to strenghthen. A nurse practioner friend told me to get my 2 year old PROBIOTICS, it is like a multivitamin but it also puts the good bacteria back into the body so the immunity can fight back again. More and more products are turning to probiotics like yogurt even though they already have the active cultures there is no need for companies to promote yogurt we all know it is good for the body but whatever makes them the money I guess! Anyways we put our little one on the probiotic powder which you can find at any coop or health foods store, after you open it keep itin the refridgerator because it is "live" cultures. After our little girl was on it for two days while being really sick for sooooo long, we saw an immediate change! she has never been that sick again. There is a probiotic specifically for infants or children and there is also one for adults. the product is tasteless just mix it in some juice or water maybe a little milk and you wil have a healthy child I am sure of it!



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Wish I would of found this site earlier! Wonderful connections with other moms for concerns. My son was constantly sick every fall especially when he was 3-5yrs of age. Had asthma, and every fall it started with sinus infection, bronchitus then quickly became phenomena. Two to three times during the fall/ winter season. I felt hopeless. Breathing treatments, steroids that he started to get immuned to. I was frustrated! So I did my own research. So angry the Dr didn't say anything to me. I was bleaching everything thinking it was helping him so he can get better however come to find out I was harming and killing his immune system and made his respiratory system even harder to be able to breathe. I took out all the toxins in our home and fall came around he had no bronchitis/phenomena. It also effects so much more. Im now part of an awareness program to educate consumers. I ask everyone to become knowledgeable in what you bring home and take the pledge at



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Hi V., I would also recommend multivitamins, if you're not already taking them. Also, have you eliminated all household toxins? Indoor air pollution from toxic cleaners & personal care products can trigger many illnesses. I use all natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly household products, including cleaners, bath & body, & vitamins! It's the best decision I've made for my family's health! Hope this helps! J.



answers from Honolulu on

Dear V.,

You sound exactly like me last year! I have a 7 year old daughter and a 2 year old son.
When our family was stationed in New York last year, my children and I were constantly sick!
We had everything you could think of, stomach flu's, colds, coughs, strep throats and more!
I was like the go to girl on advice for sick children cause my kids were constantly sick!
I was at the point of losing my mind, till the doctor adviced me on how sometimes the climate or temperature in new surroundings can affect people. My husband, daughter and I were born on the islands, so our bodies never experienced 4 seasons! Plus, you are right
about all sorts of sicknesses your child could come home with, if you have a child already in school. My daughter did also start kindergarten in New York. My best advice to you is just to hang in there with the best of us! Every mother goes through these sickness challenge phases! And what I've seen in my 7 year old and is a known fact, is that as children get older, their immune systems get stronger! This phase will eventually pass,
because my head is still in tact and my kids are doing well!hehe...
Your Aloha Friend-R.



answers from Bakersfield on

Hi V.. This response isn't nearly as sophisticated as some of the others, but maybe your family, like mine, just had rotten luck with illnesses this year. We had 4 pretty bad respiratory viruses and 1 stomach virus between November and March. My never-sick husband had 3 out of 5 and brought home the last and most severe infection himself. My never-sick mom missed lots of work. I already feed my family organically and use natural products. I give them vitamins and immune enhancing herbs. I started to get depressed and feel very powerless, almost like my family was being singled out for sickness, but the more I talked to my friends and even medical professionals, there was just a lot of nasty stuff going around this year. We have gone two weeks without anything new and I am rejoicing. It is very depressing to be continuously be sick and care for others, I know. The silver-lining for me was learning to be less anxious during my children's sickness and trust God to give me inner joy when things are just crummy. I tried to keep in perspective that everything, the illness, the flu season, the little-kid-always-sick stage, would pass, and I am grateful that none of my family is seriously ill. I hope it helps you to know you weren't the only one and it isn't necessarily because of anything you can control.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have access to some great vitamins for children. Log onto and type in the password health and it will give you info and prices. Contact me back if you need some more info.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi V.:

You may want to visit, order and read the book "Say Good-Bye to Children's Allergies." This will help you understand how the body perceives allergens and what you can do to help your children (and yourself).

If you decide to consult with an naet certified doctor you can locate one through the website. I (and 2 of my grand children) go to Dr. David Karaba in Fullerton and absolutely love him. His phone number is ###-###-####.

One of the wonderful things about NAET is that for children or the infirm, they can be treated through a surrogate, i.e., you. Here is the description paragraph from the book information.

"Say Good-bye to Children’s Allergies
By - Devi S. Nambudripad, M.D., D.C., L.Ac., R.N., Ph.D.

In Say Good-bye to Children’s Allergies, Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, the developer of NAET®, will help you understand your child’s illness and will assist you in finding the right help to achieve better health for your child. This book will show you how certain commonly used products in your foods and environment can cause health problems in your child; how you can test your child in your privacy of your own home using the Nambudripad’s Testing Techniques described in the book. This book will educate you how your child’s health problems can relate to allergy, a traditionally under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed condition; and, how allergies can manifest into myriad symptoms that might seem unrelated. The author also provides remedies for mild conditions of common childhood ailments arising from allergies and how to find help in assisting your child find the right help for serious problems such as, asthma, hay-fever, common colds, sinus problems, milk allergy, peanut allergy, sugar allergy, hives, gastritis, vomiting, colic for newborns, ear infections, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, bronchitis, drug reactions, and many other conditions. Dr. Nambudripad explains how allergies are often the underlying causes to pediatric problems and how NAET® testing procedures and NAET® treatments can offer relief from these allergies. The book is supported by NAET® practitioners’ testimonials and patients’ success stories."



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I agree with changing your cleaning products. I hear of that all of the time.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi V.,

Ok here is a tip for you. You may want to keep an air purifier in the one room you are most likely to spend most of your time in. Right now my husband and i have a 2 bedroom apartment and 3 cats. Yea.. 3.... anyways. i'm really proned to allergies really bad all year round. So in our livingroom and in our bedroom we have an air puirfier. since our daughter only spends time in her room when seh's sleeping we didn't put one in her room. i noticed that she hasn't had much colds or any allergey atatcks. it may even help you out as well. also you may want to look into keeping multi-vitamins for you and your children. that may help. if you realize it mae be something in your home like cleaning products you may wan to check out a different brand of products. that may help out a little. good luck.

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