Always at the Wrong Time

Updated on October 08, 2009
A.G. asks from Sarasota, FL
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I finally just got my husband to start having sex with me again... and now I leek...and it seems like at all the wrong times. My husband has not come out and said anything but I can tell that it bothers him ( he freaks out when he feeds the baby and she spits up). Is there any suggestions as to what I can do to stop from leeking while having sex??

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answers from Punta Gorda on

It is posts like this that make me so glad there is a sight like this out there. I am so glad that we can be so honest about what we are struggling with. Some men love it! Some men hate it. Mine was a little bit bothered by it. I looked for sexy nighties with built in bras and insisted on leaving them on.

Sometimes pumping right before bed helps, but sometimes it does not. I found anytime I went without a bra, even just to shower, I would get milk let down and leaking.

Good Luck! Know that it is only for a season.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Have you tried pumping/expressing your milk before sex so that you are not as full?



answers from Jacksonville on

You are going to have to keep your bra on during sex... your body relaxes during sex which is why your milk is letting down.. so get a nice sexy padded bra to hide your nursing pads (he doesnt have to know everything).. and have some fun with your hubby!! I hope this helps!! =D



answers from Miami on

Call your gyno he/she will have suggestions for you.



answers from Boca Raton on

Congrats on your baby and great that you're nursing. I'm thrilled when I read that women are getting back to what's best for their baby and most natural. Not to mention the least expensive and hassle free.........
Men can often be turned on by their wife/woman leaking as it's happening because you're stimulated, excited. Is there any way you can discuss this with him and get him to see this is completely natural just something he's not used to?
I fear so many men still are in this fantasy land thinking that women should look and act like the airbrushed magazines. This is not reality!



answers from Dallas on

I had sex with a bra on for MONTHS. Don't bring up that you are leaking, but tell him your breasts are really sensitive and you need the support- especially with all of the active and fun sex that the two of you are going to have!
good luck!



answers from Miami on

Get a sexy bra or neglige top with a built in bra. Put breast pads in them and insist on leaving it on!

Pump or nurse your baby just prior to the blessed event (if you are anticipating it).

Make it a part of your fore play. Som men actually enjoy nursing a little themselves.

Try not to worry. It is new to you too and it won't last forever. Just be thankful that you are able to nurse and give your baby such a healthy start!



answers from Gainesville on

Yep a pretty bra is about the only solution. But he and you also need to realize it's not the same as if it's been in the baby's stomach and spit back up. It's just a bit of breastmilk. No biggie!


answers from Orlando on

For now, why not keep your bra on (with nursing pads if you are worried that won't be enough)? Or you could try those Lily Padz; they prevent milk from leaking. They look like clear flowers that you adhere to your nipples. You can get them at Motherhood. As your daughter gets a little older, you won't leak milk any more.

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