Aluminum Free Deodorant Recommendations?

Updated on May 01, 2009
A.G. asks from Hoboken, NJ
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Hi Ladies,
Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good all-natural deodorant that works? I have been using Tom's of Maine but it's not helping the smell at all! It's not so much a matter of too much wetness, but odor - even after daily showers, exfoliating, washing with a poof & body wash etc.. nothing works! I have also used prescription deodorant, certain dry etc.. and it hurts so bad it's hard to sleep at night and then you just end up with a red, flaky sore pit! I work for a health & wellness company so I try to stay as all natural as possible and I know I don't want aluminum absorbing into my bloodsteam but I want nice fresh pits lol :)
Any suggestions would be great!

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So What Happened?

Hey all,

Thanks so much for the recommendations! I have been using trader joes - although unscented it seems to be working ok, & also melaleuca's deo has a very nice scent but neither product is really combating the stinkiness!! I guess I'll have to try the baking soda trick too! I'll keep ya posted :)

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Hi A.!
I work for a company called Melaleuca. I'm not sure if you have heard of them but they make over 400 products made from naturally derived ingredients. They have a great aluminum free deodorant and it's not too pricey. If you want to know more contact me.

[email protected]

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I work with The Wellness Company called Melaleuca. They have a deoderant that does not contain Aluminum, it contains soothing ingredients that are not irritating or drying. Melaleuca also has everything that you use in your home and body. Including toothpaste for adults and children with or without flouride, (that actually tastes great!), cleaners, laundry detergent, vitamins, etc. They even cold medicines without fillers, so they work faster. Melaleuca guarantees that there are no caustic ingredients in any of their products. It would fit perfectly into your wellness lifestyle, since you are so busy with a business, you can really save time and money by shopping from Melaleuca.
If you want to know more, email me at [email protected]
R. F.
Proud user to Melaleuca

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trader joes makes one that isn't bad. not great, but given that its all natural (cotton fibers) works great unless you're going to be very active.



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I suggest a brand by Terressentials--it is layers of plant extracts that combat the fungus which causes the odor.
It is excellent and is the only one that also contains an immune boosting supplement. My husband uses it and it works 98% of the time for him !
There is alot of information on this and other truly natural and effective products on my newly developed internet business website: Please take a few minutes and read all the educational info I have put on there. YOu will be amazed at what is in our beauty products. I hope this helps you. go to :
or Email me any questions you may have--I would be happy to help you.
R. P (New York )



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i'm anxious to hear any responses you get. i am struggling with some pit issues myself, namely fungal infections. i've tried switching to deodorant-only (no antiperspirant), but stinkaroo! i even tried using rubbing alcohol at the advice of a retired nurse friend, but that didn't work either. i havent' been the prescription route yet because it's so hard to get a dermatology appt.



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Hi A.

A friend turned me on to plain baking soda applied with a big blush brush. Try it first and see if it helps before you use the blush brush.


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