Alternative Treatment for Infant GERD? Know an Herbalist in Austin, TX?

Updated on June 14, 2010
E.R. asks from Austin, TX
5 answers

Hi there - I have a newborn who is struggling with reflux. We have had her on PPI's, which are working for her, but she is experiencing side effects (constipation, gas, etc.) SO now I am wondering about alternative treatments for reflux - anyone had any success with herbs or anything? I want to know about things that have really worked - I know there is a lot out there that people claim helps, but I don't want to try it unless it is really affective with the pain - otherwise my poor little one won't be able to eat or sleep. Her reflux is pretty bad and the normal precautions - positioning and feeding habits, etc. - don't give her relief. I should add that I have eliminated dairy, soy, nuts, and chocolate from my diet - I believe she has an intolerance, but the elimination has not helped the reflux. Please help if you know anything about this!

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answers from Seattle on

Are you breastfeeding or is she on formula? My ped originally thought my breastfed DD was suffering from GERD, but once I eliminated dairy from my diet, she was fine. Seems that dairy somehow affects the breastmilk and in turn makes the babies' tummies very unhappy.


answers from Austin on

Just a thought... Milk and soy are in so many products. When you say you've eliminated dairy and soy, are you sure? My daughter is allergic to cows milk. At first I thought I would eliminate the direct sources of dairy--but she was still getting sick. It wasn't until I started reading ingredient labels and cut out EVERYTHING made and cooked with "milk, butter, cassin, whey" that her symptoms disappeared.

For example, are you eating bread from the grocery store? Unless it's French bread, it's made with milk... And soy is even harder to eliminate. Vegetable oil and soy lechin is in so so many products. My suggestion is that you focus on eliminating milk from your entire diet and avoid direct sources of soy. Hopefully that helps.


answers from Austin on

Hi there - Sounds like your little one needs some infant proboitics,

I googled that... the other thing could be infant calcium.
You could also take foods enzymes, and calcium glutimate and citrate, (skeletal strength) and proboitics eleven.
click the logo for natures sunshine on the home page. The theory page is what we teach in our chat room. I am here in Austin, so you can contact me anytime from the information on the home page of my site.
That is where I would start. Each and every function of the body depends upon calcium to operate properly, without enough calcium for digestion the body will take the sodium content, when that is all gone is when you develope acidic reflux.
There is a list of books on the reading page you can get at any library or any good books store, for more research on your part.

Hope this information helps you.
J. M



answers from Portland on

I've seen a number of recommendations for chiropractic adjustments on this site recently. Some moms apparently found the results to be very effective for their little ones. You can find some of those stories if you use the search box above and enter "chiropractic, reflux."

My best to you and your baby. Her suffering must be difficult for both of you.



answers from Minneapolis on

I had two babies with GERD ... bad! They could never lie flat... even hours after a feeding. I found the baby Zantac had less side effects than the Prevacid (actually made my daughters symptoms worse) or Prilosec. Also you can get Zantac flavored grape or cherry (it is a horrible peppermint flavor) by your pharmacy. I used reflux wedges with both and held them or wore them ALOT. I was also told by Drs at the childrens hospital that we could dip their Nuks in Mylanta on the really bad days to cool their throats and get them thru the bad day. I would be very apprehensive to give anything to an infant that was "herbal" and not FDA approved or prescribed by a physician. You never know what kind of side effects their little bodies could have.

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